Weekly Fallen London Questions, 15/01/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions and the answering thereof!

Does anyone have the echo for the special Foreign Office conclusion you get by siding with the Face? The Cannibal Urchins if you need a refresher I have the conclusion for the Teeth (Snuffers) that I can grant in exchange.

Siding with the Face

You find the Cultured Attaché discussing the shroom-hopping results near the big tea urn. You take him aside, to the bust of Queen Elizabeth, and tell him that you are his man.

He claps you lightly on the shoulder and guides you to a meeting room inhabited by grey-haired gentlemen in expensive suits. He introduces you as ‘one of London’s finest Governors.’

An occurrence! Your ‘Mysteries of the Foreign Office’ Quality is now 6!
You’ve gained 1 x Favour in High Places (new total 39).

That would be nice!

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Yup, had the same issue, but it got better on Monday and no issues today.

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This and the page after it have what you require You also get one Favour in High Places but it sets Mysteries of The Foreign Office to 7 instead of 6.
But actually, I wasn’t referring to the echo for joining the Face, what I was referring to was a new conclusion of the carousel specific to your side. I unlocked one about spying on Fedduci that gave 17.50 echoes of Extraordinary Implications, and I was wondering what carousel conclusion the Face unlocked.

can you use your possesions while your in a meance area, or is it like in a storylet? asking for momento of passion reasons.

No, since the way items work mechanically is that they open up a storylet, you can only use them in London or in the Upper River areas. This means you can’t sell that Memento of Passion in the Tomb-Colonies.

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I have 343 night-whispers and 15 primaeval hints. Is there a good way to turn these into Hinterland scrip?

… if you’re not finding yourself in a hurry, one of the best options should probably be to sell them at the rat market & buy diamonds with the Rat-Shillings. but that might mean waiting for quite a long while until circumstances align …

lienoth, what alignment of circumstances are you describing? Also, what sort of diamonds should I buy?

Okay, thhhhhank you!

The Rat Market has a few qualities that determine what you can buy and sell. These change every week. What lienoth is referring to is waiting for a time when they align to allow you to sell the Night-Whispers and buy Fabulous Diamonds. For that to work you’d need to wait for when the Rat-Season is either Dimmest-Dark, Freeze-and-Fall, or Lying-Longing and the Rat-Wind is North combined with the Rat-Moon being Soft. You could be waiting quite a while for that though. The wiki has a good guide that keeps track of the qualities.


You then can sell the diamonds for Hinterland Scrip at the Hurlers if you’ve upgraded the station there.

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Speaking of, Diamonds are in this week, are they not? I don’t have that many Devices, Ballads or Parables, but I’ll take what I can.

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I even forgot about this one and I don’t even know if I ever played it. It is missing from my notes, but I will try and give it a go after I refresh my memory about that place. I’ll keep you posted.

Is there any relatively easy way to get hinterland scrap without having access to the railway stations? Currently working on building the first station. I know about the bone market, and I might do that, but I already tried it and ran out of bones.

The wiki does have a section about how to get Script before having built your first Station.

Okay. I’ll check it out. Sorry for continuing to ask about things instead of searching the wiki-i am very bad at navigating it.b

"This will ultimately require

200 Watchful base"


God help me, this grind seems long enough even without the watchful requirment(40 lab prestige!! 40!)-with it, I’m pretty sure this would take me at least a year, maybe a year and half. Sorry for the whining, It’s just… WOW