Weekly Fallen London Questions, 15/01/2024

Hmm, maybe. Have you done Evolution and your Ambition yet?

I think those bridge the stat gaps from POSI to railway pretty well with some of the grinds and the memoirs you get! I’d maybe try that personally.

Also, you might check out the Wiki’s guide on stat grinding if you have finished those, because it has some good tips for this.

Honestly it’s a pain in the ass but depending on how low your base Watchful is it shouldn’t take more than a month or two of concerted grinding, and if you have other stories meant for the midgame left you could do those while you passively raise your stats.

I know everyone on here is always super hyped about the railway, but it’s worth noting that when it was introduced it was introduced as a new plot line for people who had already done EVERYTHING else the game had to offer. So don’t get down if it’s gonna take you a while to pursue it :>


1-what’s evolution? 2-i was actually putting of doing my ambition for as long as possible because of reasons, but now that I think about it I should probably get to doing that anyway.

Couple of things: first, what counts as a mid game story, exactly? Is it like, say, the velocipede story or the revolutionarie commission? Secondly, my watchful is at 145 base rn, so I’m happy to hear it won’t take as long as I expected-it’s just that my experience leveling my persuasive to 200 was very boring and I was dreading having to do something like that again. Third, would you recommend doing alot of lab research, since I need both lab prestige and watchful? Last thing(and I’m sorry for this message running so long), thank you for the link to the wiki guide, it helps a ton.

Yeah, your probably right. No point wasting time complaining, just gotta crack my knuckles and get to it. The lore will be worth it, I’m sure.

Have you sufficiently Associated with Radical Academics and Visited the Prince of Tigers for a reward yet? Evolution is the second half of that story, although as a whole it takes longer. It also provides Memories of Evolution, which can be converted to Pages From Your Memoirs, which can RADICALLY raise stats to a cap of 200. Like by SEVERAL levels sometimes. It gives you access to a lot of gear with secondary stats, new Zee dreams, and eventually Irem, where you can get destinies that have a secondary stat. It’s meant to be the bridge story for stats ~150 to meeting the stat cap. If you haven’t done the first story in the series you can unlock it with options on Seekers of the Garden in the opportunity deck.

Everyone is allowed (and encouraged!) to play in their own unique ways, and no two playthtoughs are the same. But I will say that the railway has a lot of tie ins to your completed ambition that you straight up won’t be able to access if you do it BEFORE your ambition. It’s usually just flavor text, but it’s a story based game and it would be something you missed.

In addition, the treasure item (one per character to a unique slot) you get from your ambition has advanced stats that can help some of the harder railway skill checks, so personally I’d do the ambition first even if ONLY for that mechanical benefit.

I am actually begging you to read the wiki. Not even because I mind the questions (I don’t at all!) but because there are terms that the fans consistently use because of the way the wiki is arranged as shorthand and there’s a lot of times I’ve noticed you not having the context for them. This is what people mean by game stage distinctions. I think reading through this and checking things just with the search bar would get you a good starting place tbh!

Do Evolution, spend your Memories on Watchful. Then ideally Study Attar, unless there’s other lab projects you need for other purposes. It allows you to grind watchful, Kaleptic Toxicology (if you’ve unlocked it) and echoes at the same time as it produces a night whisper. It’ll take a couple of months but should be relatively painless.

If you still need prestige after the watchful grind the fastest projects are the Aeolith and the Unidentifed Bone. They’re only a few actions each and still grant 1 prestige.

Hey, no problem friend! I genuinely love being able to help! If there’s anything I can do to help you navigate the wiki you can always DM me or ping me in a conversation, I just want you to have a good footing hahaha!

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Nope, haven’t done that yet. Should I do it before or after my ambition? I have the first story unlocked(assuming we’re talking about the one that starts with the club that has that apple as a symbol)and waiting.

Okay, thanks for warning me about that.

Ok, I’ll get to work on learning the fandom lingo-it would be nice to know what you’ll are talking about sometimes :sweat_smile:


Thanks friend, I greatly appreciate it.

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Ambitions take a LONG time. I’d start until you hit a wall with your ambition, but if you still need opportunity cards for Radical Acedemics do those as they come up. It’s a medium length story although Evolution is quite long. Depending on your Ambition Evolution might unlock some extra flavor text and options, so I’d probably do Evolution before you get about 2/3 of the way through your ambition personally.

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Okay, thanks for the help, buddy.

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Not a problem at all :>

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I’ve awoken the Merchant, buried the coin and planted the Cedar, but I still can not understand why Mercahant was sleeping and why this debt was not resolved thousands of years ago.

The debt wasn’t resolved because it was too large for the Bazaar to pay. It might be unclear what the consequences of that would be, but it sounds harmful to the Bazaar. The Merchant was sleeping because that was a loophole that prevented the debt from being resolved.

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It wouldn’t just be harmful to the Bazaar. If I remember correctly, the Bazaar defaulting would involve a liquidation of its assets, such as London. Liquidation here doesn’t just mean selling, but also refers to a literal liquidation, as in turning the city to liquid using Lacre n’ Stuff™️. As you can probably tell, that would be bad for us.

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But minting the currency did not lead to liquidation of London. And what was that loophole, I did not catch?