Weekly Fallen London Questions, 14/08/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions you’d like answers to!

I’ll carry over the last question from last week’s thread:

Pretty much… If you’ve got echoes to convert to scrip the way to do that is with brass skulls, and there’s nothing better to do with tinned hams than sell for echoes.

Thanks; I figured that was the easiest way to salvage them, or at least the quickest.

If I buy fate to advance the career of my spouse the “Celebrated Artist’s Model” into a “Notorious Art Dealer” or even further on into an " Incendiary Tastemaker", will the opportunity card " Promenade with the Celebrated Artist’s Model" stop appearing?

Because i find it quite an useful one to have around, it gives making waves, Extraordinary Implications, and 2 Confident Smiles, for just one action

I’m afraid so - it will be replaced with a new card (technically two cards but I think the options are the same), with options to increase Inspired, gain a Bohemians favour or reduce Nightmares.

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Man… that’s quite a big downgrade…

So I know I asked about this a few weeks back, but can anyone convince me that going to the Khanate and back to get Airag from the Handmaiden infiltration is slower/less efficient than going at it by way of the Correspondant Professional Activities? Or does the Piracy offset the loss of Outstanding Invoices?

Well, according to the wiki’s numbers on professional activities, it takes 12.5 actions to get one Cellar of Wine from professional activities, due to the air’s variability. For one Airag, that is 62.5 actions (this is not taking into account the Strangling Willow Absinthe that you also get, which slightly decreases the actions. For the Widow, it takes 17 actions for the infiltration (one for picking up the agent, one for entering Khan’s Heart, one for beginning the infiltration, thirteen to do the infiltration, and one to get the reward. If you have one of the 55 speed ships, it takes 12 actions to get to the Khanate, (11 for zailing and one for docking) if you zail with the current, assuming no complications. With another 12 actions to get back, that’s 24+17=41 actions to get an Airag. Thus, the Khanate is more efficient for Airag. Sorry. (It is also important to remember that my numbers don’t take piracy into account, or the other rewards from professional activities.)

EDIT: it is important to remember that doing something you don’t like, even if it is more efficient, is not optimal. Having fun is the point, after all, so even if you get your Master’s Blood a week later than you would have, it’s better to have enjoyed the experience.

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Don’t apologise, that is actually the answer I was hoping for! I spent too long grinding Professional Activities at one point to get Cellars into Airag into Tears, so I was looking for a way out this time.
Given I do enjoy Piracy (which does also lead to Diamonds), this is wonderful news!
Thankee for going to the effort of calculating the Actions cost when I was too lazy to do it myself, it is very much appreciated.

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Let’s search for some opinions over here too:
No more extra Fate for more coins and I am wondering what item should I get this year, but also what advanced destiny should I pick too.

  • KaTo +8, but maybe I will get July from ESs
  • MA +11 while 1 is from profession. Was picking such items before forelimb “nerf”
  • APoC +8 and 1 is from spouse
  • Glass +7. I can get A Questioning of Riddlefishers during next festival because I have a possible Fate future to pick.
  • SA +6. I find this similar to Glass: very few relevant challenges.
  • Artisan +7. I can get the +2 companion. Huge ES backlog, but not enough time to fully enjoy them.
  • Mith +7 and can get 1 more from the Boon. Enough to declare chimeras w/o a penalty.
  • Zee +9

I’m interested in keeping my Watchful to this level which means KaTo or Zee destinies are the options and quite interesting options: HG and the regular zailing.

If I get the KaTo item, I can get 90% and 100% checks for HG, get July for 100% in ??? time and pick Zee destiny for 17 Zeefaring. Both these skills make zailing and piracy easier and safer.

EDIT: If we know FBG, something related to SA will come… soon! Maybe during the Zee festival. But the SA item is a 50 coins one and most of the items that provide such bonus are Fate locked. Hmmm, maybe this means will get some for free in the future. :slight_smile:

Well mechanically, remember that the economic rewards for Hearts’ Game don’t actually change if you win or lose. Just getting the medal, which so far is a vanity. Whereas Zeefaring can keep you out of the Fathomking’s Court. Or, if you already have Cider anyways, it keeps the Fathomking from taking a cut of your loot.

I’m a sucker for Shapeling Arts but it’s hard to justify it mechanically based on existing content. I was pretty happy when there was an option that needed 16 to guarantee success during the Show but I just don’t get the chance to flex it very often, aside from Unorthodox Methods in the not-frequent times I’m in the lab.

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First of all, thanks for this great challenge table you put over wiki!

I already have all Zeefaring items, except the spouse and destiny. This actually means to get the KaTo item, Zee destiny and, somewhere in the future, July! Pimp 17 KaTo for 100% success on the Zee card and HG (yes, for vanity) and 17 Zeefaring for 100% success on cards.

Well, I’m a LF player and I was eager for more SA content… still waiting. I guess I’ll just grab more SA items when the time will come

EDIT: Well, Wiki isn’t updated on the HG cards and those require 17 KaTo for 100% success, not 16!

Good afternoon! I’m back to the game after a few months. Does anyone know when the current season of the Hearts’ Game ends? I wonder how much time I have to get a trophy.

I would rush current event and try to get all the goodies first.

As for HG, that should come pretty soon, but in ~1 day you should be able to clear a win even without 100% success.

August and September
Here’s what you can expect after Estival:

  • The third expansion to Hearts’ Game: another season with four new cards. Expected in mid-August.
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