Weekly Fallen London Questions, 07/08/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for any quick Fallen London questions you’re looking for answers to!

With the current events, I’ve seen some talk around the various FL communities about a Starved Tiger in one of the exceptional stories, but no one ever says what story they are from? Could anyone educate me on this?

Possibly one of the endings from A Stretch in the Sky

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That’s the one, yep. The artwork matches, too!

You guys probably need to do a bit better in proofreading.

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Not really a question… I have concluded that Fallen London is a game which is primarily about changing clothes. I have in my mind a picture of the inhabitants of FL constantly changing clothes. Ohh, look, there is a coin on the ground, let me change clothes before I pick it up to improve my chance of it being more valuable. Perhaps FL is strewn with phone booths ala Superman for people to dash into to change outfits.


To me, equipping an item simply means consciously drawing upon the insights it provided, figuratively rather than literally.

To accept it as literal invites disaster, such as Failbetter briefly toying with the idea of disallowing wardrobe changes during any story, which undermines the underpinnings of the entire system.

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Sorry, I am not buying it. There are exceptions but most of the items that grant bonuses are specific things. A hat, a boot, a piece of armor. These are not things that you “draw upon the insights of”. These are things you take off and put on. We are carrying one ginormous backpack, that is for sure. Several bags of holding must be in that backpack :grinning:

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This is us, every day.


Hello! I’m looking for Whispered Hints. My stats are all in the 60-90 range, and I need to go on some expeditions, but I’m unsure of the best way to grind Whispered Hints at my level, or if there’s a better way to go about gathering supplies. Thanks much!

What we’re all in fact wearing is Eega Beeva’s shorts - each trouser pocket a dimensional hole with infinite storage space:

(known of course as Eta Beta in Italy, Gamma in Germany)

After all, this isn’t just about clothes. Don’t forget the incredible stash of Weapons, all the Home Comforts, different modes of Transport, and our sheer endless menagerie of Companions, always at the ready.

It’s Red Science, clearly.


Now that I have all these tinned hams…

As scrip grinds go, does turning the hams into brass skulls for the brass lollipop grind (as described on the wiki) make sense?

Or I suppose really the question is, are the brass skulls the best / most efficient item to turn the hams into, via echoes, to convert into scrip somehow.