Weekly Fallen London Questions, 13/11/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread! To start us off, an unanswered one from last week:

How can I find out if users are active in Fallen London or if the account is abandoned?
Complicated to find who can I address social actions to.
Thank you.
Best regards,

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@Anderson , you can check their journal and see if there are any recent echoes. But that’s not 100% relevant because some players, like myself, forget about journals. Or just record the stories somewhere else.

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I’m confused by this noman info from the wiki
it looks like maybe the numbers in the table only account for 2 instances of TtH, but I think with a Monday TtH there would be 3 before the second week of feast
The 276 max NF loss noted below seems correct, so where are these other expected/maximum loss figures coming from?

3 pails/8 vials doesn’t seem like nearly enough