Weekly Fallen London Questions, 13/03/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London Q&As.

Re. the FB Wikipedia page (see previous week):

Thanks, Elderfleur.
Maybe we have a Wikipedia editor among our members? They’re not that thin on the ground.
Alternatively, if there is interest in updating the page, I do have one among my RL contacts and could forward information.

Something about how you put that just sounds so amusingly shady.

Like… “You’ve got a Wikipedia page needs updating? I know a guy who can hook you up.”

It’s the benefit of my experience in Spite and the Flit :wink:


I have created and used a safe zee lane to achieve the attribute “Discovered: Gaider’s Mourn”. Supposedly, in my ship cabin, I should be able to chart a course to Gaider’s Mourn. However, “Gaider’s Mourn” does not appear on my chart of possible destinations. I have zeefairing of 8/5 so my base level is 5 and I am wearing three items that each raise zeefairing by one. Can anyone tell me how to reach Gaider’s Mourn?

Is it possible that I have to zail to “The Corsair’s Forest” instead and that this puts me in Gaider’s Mourn?

Yes the Corsair’s Forest is Gaider’s Mourn

Thanks. I guess it is supposed to be obvious :slight_smile: And now that I click on “The Corsair’s Forest”, the window that opens says, “Zail to Gaider’s Mourn”. Clear as mud. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a bumbling fool lost in his own ship’s cabin. Move along, move along.