Weekly Fallen London Questions, 11/11/2019

Happy Regina Spektor Day! And also here’s this week’s thread for quick questions.

I’ve lost the ability to see my complete plans, which I was using to keep track of Favours at an easy glance. When I try to re-plan it, it doesn’t turn the flag icon red. Will the functionality return?

Oh good it’s not just me then?
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If you’re early in the game, don’t worry too much about money; just play stories and you’ll accumulate items as you go. Your most profitable options right now are pretty much all cards though, especially Arbor and anything involving favours.

Has anyone got the link to the Courier’s Footprint guide?


Is there any more use for ‘A Fine Piece’ once you’ve achieved Poet-Laureate?

There is not

Many thanks, professor!


Most welcome.

Let me point out, also, that you might want to read the last page of the discussion. There have been a number of changes in the game since the OP was last updated, which make the process somewhat easier and certainly give you more options to work with.