Weekly Fallen London Questions, 10/04/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

For those who don’t check Twitter, you can go feel very tempted and/or threatened by a steak to get ready for tomorrow.

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The related tweet: https://twitter.com/failbettergames/status/1646098673812504578
The alt of the image is… surprising: “It’s meat”. :smiley:

EDIT: From @rahv7 over Reddit:

I’ve got a little early information on this for moderation reasons so I probably shouldn’t say too much. (But one of the comments above is on the right track ;))

This is going to be something specifically for late game players. Make sure you’re a tier 2 PoSI and have Dangerous 200.

It sounds super fun! :cut_of_meat:


I have genuinely never seen a more ominous tweet than a picture of a raw steak and the word “tommorow” over it


I’m hoping for Neath steak frites.

Speaking of vaguely food-related things…
Is there a better way of grinding Tears of the Bazaar than grinding Cellars, upgrading them to Airag via the Sommelier, and then upgrading those to Tears the same way? With the occasional Airag sourced from the Khanate as well. Because this is getting quite tedious, I’ll admit.

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If you aren’t averse to spending fate, you could always just do the Gallery of Serpents forgotten quarter expedition over and over again, it has a chance of giving you a tears of the Bazaar. Other than that, there aren’t any alternatives to His Portliness that I know of.

If possible, I would like to avoid spending Fate on that, yes…
Oh well, grin and bear it it is. Thanks for humouring my lack of patience!

Tears are also occasionally available from the Rat Market, but there’s only a 1/16 chance of them appearing in a given week so you may end up waiting a very long time (it took nearly a year for them to appear for the first time). That said, it’s a much more efficient source than the sommelier (~4 62.5 echo items instead of 7 per vial), so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

I’m a bit of a Nadir fan, so I pick up an Airag about once every 2-3 weeks down there.