Weekly Fallen London Questions, 09/10/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

I noticed that the Exceptional Friendship Boons have a unique quality called An Advanced Arts Advancement. While getting my weekly stuff from around the world, I happened upon the same quality in the Wellspring of Moulin, attached to the Boon you get from there and locking the action you get it from. Are there any more scattered around FL that should be updated on the wiki, or is it just the one due to it being an advanced skill Boon?

I looked at the Wiki page for Boons and it doesn’t look like there are any others to catch. The rest are Iremi, or the Ace of Queens, all of which are Location-locked and cannot be worn in London proper. (Er, present-day London proper.)

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So in the Library, I seem to have gotten into a state where I have no Leads… is that supposed to be possilble?

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It is occasionally possible to use up all your leads and still have a little research left to go - you’ll get new leads when you move to the next stage of research.