Weekly Fallen London Questions, 09/01/2023

Here’s this week’s Fallen London questions thread!

I noticed I can tell the time zone someone is in by clicking on their profile picture on a post that we’ve both liked here on the forums and comparing the moments that the likes were given. Is this a feature I can turn off for my profile? I don’t care to know other players’ time zones and I’d rather keep mine to myself as well.

To configure the time zone, you need to specify the region and city from the list in the profile settings (preferences - profile) in the timezone section. You can set any city and its time zone will be displayed in your profile, or use current timezone. You can disable time zone in the interface settings (preferences - interface): in the “other” section, check the “hide my public profile …” checkbox, but this will disable the display of all public information. Don’t forget to save changes after editing the profile.

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