Weekly Fallen London Questions, 08/08/2022

Well, the ushabtiu are gone and Fallen London has a nice new museum. And you what museums are great at? Answering questions!


Hi! I’m fairly new to this game, and I stumbled upon the option to ‘Call off a Chess Game’ in ‘Attend to Matters of Watchfulness and Nightmares’, which is great, but currently I have no clue how to begin a chess game.
Currently, I’ve yet to get to 70 stats; am I at the level where I invite others to chess? If it isn’t, I’d love to know how to access it- if not, well, I’m trying my hardest to avoid spoilers (failing pretty badly, but oh well), and so I’d just prefer a subtle hint towards what might allow me to reach it.

Avra Lost

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I believe intra-player chess games are discontinued and it’s not possible to start them anymore. It was a while ago. They have to keep the option to call off a chess game around (because players who never finished their chess games from last year might always return…)

Those social actions were revamped, it was far too easy to get stuck in a position where somebody was unresponsive and yet you had to wait for them. Chess games and sparring both got redone, now there’s sending letters where you don’t have to wait for the other person for anything.


I was wondering if anyone has noticed the RNG being more “off” than usual? I’ve been getting multiple three identical cards in a row despite not having thinned my deck in any meaningful way. Then again, I’ve been waiting almost two weeks for any card that would add to my church favours.


Didn’t lose any Making Waves when my last TtH hit. Am I alone in this?

I was affected by the recent EF renewal glitch. FB gave me some darkdrop as a compensation, can we suppose the MW thing is also their doing? Seems more likely it is a bug.

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