Weekly Fallen London Questions, 08/07/2024

If anyone asks, it’s Monday. Cool? Cool. Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!


Does anyone have any good tips for farming Liberation of the Night? The wiki has a few recommendations, but I wanted to see if anything worked particularly well for you all.

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There is not a thing in the very late game that catapults your Liberation of Night pretty far upwards.

If you are still advancing slowly, destroying white from the inside on the chessboard is a big boost.

Calling in revolutionary favours under statues raises it, but I don’t know which statues right now.

Sabotaging powerplants in the Khanate is not very efficient raising liberation, but is economically lucrative.

Making stations darker is pretty action efficient but requires drawing the cards and I think the option gets locked when the darkness reaches max.

And there are supposed to be cards in the city in silver if it is aligned with the revolutionaries. My city is not, so I am not sure, but I guess those should be fairly lucrative economically as well.

Those are the ones I remember from when I looked them up. There is also a grindable option exclusive to an ambition (or an ambition choice?) somewhere in Parabola where you raise your shadowy cap. It might apply to you, it didn’t apply to me.

PS: upconverting luminosity items also advances liberation. That might be the most action efficient unlimited way, if you upconvert low quantities of T1 items at a time.

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So now I’ve got a Worm, what cards beside its own are worth playing in the Hinterlands?

Trading Nightsoil for Peppercapa is 11 Scrip profit.
The church dispute card is a church favor for an action or let’s you sell Verses of Counter Creed for 36 scrip.
The God’s Editors card is a church favor for at some cost and a little more gain in misc resources.
The crate commotion card (currently for the revolutionaries) is a favor and a little extra.
The judge card is a society favor and converting some things at value.

Those are the ones I use. I think. And I trade Hell Favors for Goat poop at the hurlers statue, which is basically 12 SPA - ish?

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Aight, thanks a lot.
Though what use are Favours now that the Tribute grind has been rendered far less attractive through thr RatKet redesign?

How come the days of the week were allowed to retain their original names when the streets and everything else had to lose theirs? It’s not like Time is less Treasonous than Geography down here.


Southwark Cathedral is still Southwark Cathedral, despite Southwark being the name of a location in surface London, while Saint Paul’s Cathedral is Saint Fiacre’s down here! A little inconsistency is inevitable, sometimes.


Well, one of the reasons for renaming the streets was to prevent citizens from being able to realize just how much the Masters had rearranged London.


I still do tribute runs. Night Whispers can still be sold at the Rat Market. Plus, I consider saving up Night Whispers to get a Noman. And I use Church Favours for Candle Stubs, though that is not an optimal source. It’s just convenient.

The next update to Firmament requires 10 anticandles. Does anyone know where you can get those?

The only place I can see from the wiki is through the Discordance storyline, which I haven’t been able to access as my SotC is too low. And the Waswood version of the Grand Clearing Out, which isn’t currently available.


Presumably we will have a new activity that provides them available post Estival, similar to how similar Estivals have given new activities.


Ah, that would make sense. Thanks.

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