Weekly Fallen London Questions, 08/05/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Wasn’t Whitsun suppose to start today? Or is it on Thursday?

We’d expected the second Monday of May (plus or minus a bank holiday), but it’s Thursday. Except for Christmas, holidays do not seem to adhere to a strict scheme, just a “probably around…”



Umpf, Irrigo strikes the forums again!


The whispers from this week’s Time, The Healer confirm it as well!

What is the most action-efficient way to turn Echoes into Hinterland Scrip?

Technically, selling Infernal Sharpshooter’s Rifles is the most action-efficient, gaining 450 Scrip in a single action. It is very inefficient Echo-wise, however.

Actually, you can do better than that! Buying F.F.'s scandal potions from the Bazaar and selling them in the Upper River takes 0 actions (plus travel), but is even more inefficient.

In general, 1 scrip is worth 0.50 echoes. The most action-efficient method that achieves that conversion rate is sticking brass skulls on headless skeletons in the Bone Market. This takes what, 4 actions per 65 echoes or so?

Selling rifles will get you a 1:1 conversion rate, i.e. a 50% discount. But you can achieve 450 scrip per action. Health potions are a 1.5:1 conversion rate, i.e. a 66% discount, but take 0* actions.


So, this is my first Whitsun, and I have acquired a Sly Augmentation. How do I apply this?

It’s already “applied” to your egg. While you can have any number of untreated eggs, there’s only one egg at a time that you’re working on. Treatments (invigor/enlighten) and augmentations are tracking your current egg.

You can find another befitting augmentation, or you can start incubating it now. Whatever you pick, I wouldn’t wait too long because incubating takes 24 real hours.

And if the Sly Augmentation is sat in my inventory, it means my egg did not accept it?

It’s an abstract item. It’s in your inventory because an item can’t be on another item. But if you have one, in any sense, that represents it being on your egg.

Got it. I’m afraid I am new to the Neath’s strange Easter-ish Season.

There is usually a detailed Google spreadsheet that lists egg types, sequence of augmentations, where to get them and the result. It’s a complex holiday (well, I find it so) and easy to waste resources.

Is anyone else having problems buying fate? My subscription is ticking over in the usual way, but when I try to buy fate, the site asks me to choose another payment option. It doesn’t appear to be that authorisation is required.

Okay, running out of patience now. Anyone know how to cancel ES subscription? Because I can’t find that either.

Haven’t purchased Fate recently to confirm or deny the first point.

For the second, on desktop you can click Account from the tab at the upper right, or from mobile you can click the three horizontal lines in the upper left and scroll all the way down on the side bar to find Account. Once there, click on Subscription and there you should find a teal button to CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

Hi, Elderfleur,

Thanks for getting back to me. If I go to Account / Subscriptions, it tells me I have no subscriptions. But since my ES continues to run, I clearly do. The only way to cancel now seems to be the brute force deletion of the credit card.
The site now appears to require a great deal more information to take money than they used to (my memory of originally registering the card was it was just the card data).
I’m not entirely sure I am happy with that, since the security level is unknown, and the permanently available card details get linked to a wodge of extra information, also permanently.
Despite the card being available and regularly accessed, the site is apparently unable now to just take payment for fate in the way it used to.
After fiddling with it multiple times yesterday and over the weekend, I worked out that one apparently has to click on the card information to “activate” it for payment. Instructions to that effect would have been welcome on Friday last. Or indeed would be welcome on the payment page. Life is too short, etc.
I would be less irritated if someone had got back to me (not here) when I first asked for help and information. But nobody did or has. And what can I say, the moment has passed, because we’re done.

I’m stacking up lots of memories of a much lesser self. Is there a good way to turn them into scrip preferably that I’m missing, or echoes?