Weekly Fallen London Questions, 08/04/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

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Is there any non-fate locked way to open up shapeling arts? Been to Helicon house at ealing gardens lately, but I couldn’t find a non fate locked option for it. Any help is much appreciated.

There are multiple non-Fate ways to start and also to train your Shapeling Arts skill. You can find them all in the wiki article “Advanced Skills (Guide)”. Two non-Fate ways to start out your Shapeling Arts are to finish the study of a thorned ribcage in your laboratory or to upgrade bones in the Below-Stairs section of Helicon House. (I picked up the last sentence from the wiki myself, since I maxed out my Shapeling Arts fate-free quite some time ago)


…oh. don’t know how I missed that :sweat_smile: thank you very much for your help!

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Is it only I who am having slow response from the server?

It is lagging for me also.

Its improved a bit. It s always been a little sluggish. It was taking 1/4 minute plus to update between actions, but other pages were a LITTLE slow, so maybe it was my ISP.

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