Weekly Fallen London Questions, 07/02/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

I’ve reached renown criminals 40 and gone to New Newgate for the reward. I’m at the same renown level plus reward for constables.

Minor spoiler for railway

I’m wondering if it’s worth it to use up future constable favours for dispensations to reduce my recidivist record, which is sadly high due to misbehaviour in my early days in Fallen London. It seems expensive especially factoring in trips to Evenlode and would take a long time so is it worth it beyond the satisfaction of regaining a stainless reputation? If not I will probably grind constable renown to 55. I know you can trade constable favours for human ribcages, but I have little to no interest in the bone market.

Both the Renown and the Record would be mostly vanity achievements, so pick whichever one you think suits your character better. I suppose the Record technically has more gameplay impact: the place where it matters is repeatable, and the place where Renown matters is, itself, a vanity quality. But I don’t think it matters unless you’re already at Wretched Recidivist.

Do grab at least one Dispensation for brawlin’-related purposes.

When will the lady in Lilac arrive this year ?

Edit: Ok found on the blog. 10th of February
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Thank you. If it’s just down to vanity I think wiping the record clean with the constables while raising renown with criminals will be most in character.