Weekly Fallen London Questions, 06/03/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

Devils seem to be everywhere today. Everywhere you go, you see amber eyes.
Coincidence, one devil assures you. Nothing special is happening today. But still – every last one of them must be out for a promenade!
–This week’s “An Invitation to Linger”

What are they up to this week? Are they math nerds ready for the 14th? Adherents of St Patrick ready for the 17th? Celebrants of insurrectionism ready for the 15th?

…actually, that last one probably holds a certain place in their hearts.

Yeah, my first thought was that they’re celebrating the prophecized violent overthrow of a dictatorship government.

Could also be the Feast Day of some real or subverted Saint. For example, March 16 is the celebration of Saint Hilarius.

A Canadian friend to whom I’d mentioned FL recently said they’d been to look at the Wikipedia page. I realised I’d never seen it and went to check it out myself.
The page seems way out of date. Is anyone from FB responsible for keeping it current?

My understanding of wikipedia culture is that’s it’s incorrect/poor form to edit one’s own page; nothing stopping enterprising fans from editing it, though (as long as they don’t add that fake link to a non-existent source again).

The page could probably use some more info, but the summary box is now more up to date, at least (not my doing, to be clear, just the messenger).

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