Weekly Fallen London Questions, 06/02/2023

Here’s this week’s quick Fallen London questions and answers thread.

I am new to this game, so I may ask quite foolish questions, but here goes.
Is 2022-2023 the first instance of The Traitor Empress cancelling 1900?

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Yes, we are now in the third 1899.


Gotcha. I assume that the Surface is not affected by this?

Not as far as we know. There are some ES that include events that take place at Lamentation Lock (the crossover) and some places where direct action from the surface occurs (the kitchen at Balmoral for instance), but no reference that I can remember.
Of course, the Traitor Empress really only holds sway in the Neath.

2021 was the first 1899 and 2022 was the second. It caused quite a stink at the time - His Amused Lordship had planned a huge party for the new century, which he had to cancel. And, yes, it only affects Fallen London - the Traitor Empress’s reach does not extend to the Surface.

How much sway does The Traitor Empress hold?
She mostly shows up when Society doings occur, but it seems that The Masters are running the show for the most part.

About as much as the Duchess in her day. Or the Manager of the Royal Beth in his.

What was the reasons given by the Empress (if any) for cancelling 1900 indefinitely?

“We did not abandon our consort, we shall not abandon our century” Simply put, Her Enduring Majesty is stuck in the past and refuses to move on.


How do I trade in Feast of the Rose items I’ve received for Masquing? I can see them in my inventory but when I click on them nothing happens.

The Lady in Lilac will exchange gifts for Masquing. She’s an Opportunity Card for the moment, which you can force-draw by using Favourable Circumstances. In a week, she will turn into a pinned Storylet, but by that point there will be no more sources of Gifts nor any other sources of Masquing.