Weekly Fallen London Questions, 05/12/2022

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London Q&As!

I want to clarify: does “The Formula for Empyrean Redolence” a permanent item? I mean, you can breed unlimited number of beasts with its help, right?

It is, it is!
You can breed and sell them as many times as you want. I would advise to get them at least once for their cards (Slavering Dream-Hound a second card: rare one unlocked by Wounds). If you’re not aware, there’s an option to breed a hound from Flute street (another Fate story) and with all the unlocked beasts you get to breed another one: a Bifurcated Owl.

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Anyone else having problems? I’ve been bounced out of the site, and my messages new and old have completely disappeared.

The servers respond very slow since yesterday probably because people are getting back to the game for Sackmas. But only now I noticed that the messages are gone too; probably a timeout.

I’ve had the same issues. It’s got me a bit worried, so I changed my password :laughing:

Yeah, the game’s been slow yesterday and earlier today. Seems to be ok at the moment, but it might come and go. I agree with the guess that it might be sacksmas crowd.

I’m glad it’s not just me - I came to check if other people were having problems. A little frustrating but I guess it shows how many people love this world!

Same here, and the advent page seems to be currently nonfunctional.

Hmmmm, Balmoral Gift seems to be late too.

EDIT: Or have I forgot about it last week and I am the one who delayed it? :thinkingfl:

Glad to know it’s not just me (again).

A not insignificant number are probably alt accounts that sit dormant for the most part of the year and are only logged in during events in order to collect free stuff. Things seem especially bad right now, seeing as today’s calendar gives the Rat of Glory.

Someone scaled the servers, things are back to normal and got my Balmoral gift too!

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Just in case some of us aren’t on discord or twitter (reasonable decisions, both!), there was an access code to make up for the inconvenience, with a challenging question:



It took me forever this morning to get my present from the Advent Calendar (e.g., around 9-11 am EST). I finally did, however. it’s less slow now.