Weekly Fallen London Questions, 04/12/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions you’d like answers to! My question is how the hell is it December already. It was June, like, a week ago!


I’ve been away from the game for a while and find that my main stats appear to have dropped. Is this a thing? Or am I just misremembering (so have raised the cap, but not the levels)?


does the beast breeding with bat 'o haven in the labyrinth of tigers have a story conclusion, or is it just an activity you can do for stuff?

@meradineheidenreich What are your stat levels? The caps on your main stats can be raised up to 230 now, and unlock the previoius overcapping system those are “real” cap increases so you raise the state itself the regular way.

@anidiot It’s mostly an activity. If you pay Fate, there’s an expansion of the activity, which has a mechanical capstone and also a small attached story with something like a conclusion. But I still wouldn’t call that a story conclusion to breeding beasts itself, since the story doesn’t really involve the barn.

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so…how does one continue with the labyrinth of tigers storyline to the next coile if not with the beast breeding? or is that just not available yet?

Coil 5 is unlocked through the Associating With Radical Acedemics quest line.

If you have Coil 5 that is the current hard cap.

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k, thanks. gonna get to it soon.

I’m such a dunce. I only just discovered that you can at least partially bypass ‘Snowbound!’ via Parabola. I’m inclined to stay here and leave things this way, shut in as I am by the lacre. At least I won’t be bothered by petitioners and other annoyances.

Oh, that’s not a question, is it? Um, how is everyone doing today? Yep, that’ll do. :slight_smile:


Ha! I like this idea. Yes, this will keep those pesky kids out of my yard!