Weekly Fallen London Questions, 04/07/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Well last year around this time, London almost fell into a giant hole in the ground, but was saved at the last minute. What do you think will happen this time?

  • London will almost fall into the zee
  • London will almost float into a giant hole in the ceiling
  • London will almost fall into a tiny hole in the ground
  • London will not almost fall into no hole in the ground
  • London will almost not fall into a hole in the ground, but we save it by pushing it into the hole
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Zee related, but not London falling into it. The other way around.

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Everyone will assume that something is about to happen to London and will panic buy and horde everything they can, crashing London’s economy.

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How about something related to the calendar treachery? There must be a reason why the Empress pulled off this shenanigan…

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Is there no way to give a share to the railroad union after the second strike? I didn’t have Acona on the board at that moment so I didn’t even know about that option. I thought it was just an independent proposition that can be suggested after some station.

So if I dealt with the strike by just negotiating is there no way to reverse or change it? I’d really prefer doing it the share-way.

That is currently the only opportunity you have to switch to a Labour-friendly Charter. The only other Railroad content still to be implemented is Tracklayer City, in Q4 of this year… I wouldn’t have high hopes for it to be included there, but I suppose it’s possible.

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