Weekly Fallen London Questions, 04/03/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for all quick questions and answers relating to Fallen London!

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Not a mechanical question but still: what’s something you imagined a certain way from the description only to find out later it’s actually quite different? I, for example, imagined the MH “peligin eyes” as, like, purely peligin colored with no pupils since I think it’s creepy and adds fits the vibe only to discover from the. Lore wiki that it’s not actually like that.

(Is this the right thread for this question? Couldn’t think of anyother that applied and didn’t want to open my own)

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Many people, including me, thought for a very long time, that the Midnight Matriarch was an owl.


It isn’t?? What is it, then?


She’s a cat.

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One with very dramatic lighting.


Now that Whitsun is next on the calendar, is anybody else hoping for a new kind of egg? Perhaps one that grants Steward of the Disco when Invigorated and Chtonosophy when Aged? I tend to think Steward wouldn’t fit story wise with Whitsun eggs, given all that we know about the eggs’ origin but one wonders, one does.

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I kind of doubt we’ll get an egg for Steward of Discord (which I don’t think has any items at current) but a Chtonosophy pet would be p cool

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… there is one companion you can acquire during the Discordance storyline …

The companion that doesn’t eggsist


so, her’s the situation: i need a card that shows up in the salt steppe part of the zee and the wiki is saying the only location there is khan’s heart-however, the disclaimer on the “unlock the khanate” option in the salt steppe atlas says it’s relevent to players with access to balmoral, which i dont have and that, seeing as it’s a railway station, i won’t have for a long time. could i access that area by zailing to another location or by chasing down a bounty? thank you in advence.

Well, the first thing to consider is that using your Salt Steppe Atlas doesn’t actually take it away, so you will still have it even if you unlock the Khanate. Secondly, you can still do a few things in the Khanate without Balmoral, like a little bit of smuggling. However, if you really want to avoid even having possible access to the Khanate, you can always zail to Polythreme, then go against the current to Port Cecil or London. That takes you through the Salt Steppe anyway.


okay, thanks! i’ll do that last part since it’s alot more convinient for me. again, thanks, i didn’t really know what to do.

Further, the more you develop activities in the Khanate, the easier you’ll find it to get other Salt Steppe Atlases.

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