Weekly Fallen London Questions, 03/06/2024

:joy: good one, friend! Also,

Right on, right on!

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I believe I found a (not very efficient)new farm! Raise a plant-offer your plant to the dreamy mycologist-sell strong-backed labour to tigers. As I said it’s far from an efficient grind, and I doubt I’m the first to think of it, but it exists.

NLAI, A key question in your “farm” is - What do you do with the tribute you gain from the tigers?

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…excuse me, what does this mean?

and frankly i don’t know what to do with the tribute-this is simply an idea that popped into my head and that i had to send here as to not forget it.

I think it’s an abbreviation of your name, NoLongerAnIdiot, hence, NLAI


As Mr. Schmit has correctly stated, “NLAI” was just an abbreviation/acronym for your name.


Oh, oh okay, that makes sense! Sorry :sweat_smile: