Weekly Fallen London Questions, 02/01/2023

Happy New Year, folks! Here’s this week’s quick questions thread.

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How is success in complex challenges (like this one) calculated? Do I get a single roll for both attributes or one for each?

In other words: if I have a 60% chance of success on both challenges, what would my chance of success for the complex challenge be?

They are calculated separately, and you have to pass both to pass the challenge. If you have two 60% challenges, then your odds of success are .6 * .6 = 36%.

You can use Second Chances. They apply only to the roll for their own stat, and if you re-roll then you re-roll both chances. So to use your example above, if you were to use a Hard-Earned Lesson and fail then Monstrous Anatomy roll, you would fail the challenge without an opportunity to re-roll regardless of whether your Dangerous roll succeeded or failed. If you use a Hard-Earned Lesson and fail the Dangerous but fail the Monstrous Anatomy check, then you would have an opportunity to re-roll the challenge, but it’s possible that you would fail the Monstrous Anatomy challenge that you had passed the previous time.

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Thanks! I thought it worked like this, but hoped I was wrong.

How many of you pick the Mercy investigation during Day 4? I’m still not sure if I should get a new affiliation with almost identical stats to the GCO one.

I picked it even though I already have the Savior affiliation, just out of hopes that it’ll unlock an option on some card down the line.

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Good enough of a reason and I’ll probably end up picking it. But because TtH will hit tomorrow there’s no reason to rush and get my white friend for the next 24h.


I always play a Christmas story, and at this point the only items I could obtain are far less unique than that Affiliation. I enjoyed the story. Nothing holds a candle to the Rubbery Friend, but it was fun.

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I still draw the calendrical confusion card from my opportunity deck and echos in my journal are marked only by real life year. Is there any word on the calendar situation or do we just assume this is 1899 III ?

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Heck, I went with the new story and it was great!
For those that participated in the GCO, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the 12 Fate; more like a gift to FBG.

The year is just 1899. That’s the source of the confusion. If it was 1899 III, to be followed by 1899 IV, then the society folks wouldn’t have misunderstood the years in the wedding announcements. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, is there any way for me to transfer a John the Baptist head to a friend? I have seven and I can’t find a use for them other than making a silly skeleton.

Alas, not that I’m aware of, no.