Weekly Fallen London Questions, 01/08/2022

August is the most august month. And here’s its first quick questions thread!

How long will last the prelapsarian exhibition ? I want to know how long I can still look for the clues without missing content (I currently have 4)

On Friday the 5th. No we are at the next part and we don’t know how many are to come.

Now, does anyone else have EF status problems: payment processed, but reverted to non-EF? Be careful that AP above 20 won’t be lost, but will be shown as current/max. This got my confused a bit while I was waiting to finish work and realized quite late that I was stuck at 33/33.

Yeah, my exceptional status successfully renewed according to PayPal, but in-game it is gone, gone, gone (at least it appears to be, didn’t do any actions, so can’t confirm it is just a display error).

Submitted a ticket last night.

Update: Only have 20 actions, seems my EF is indeed gone.

Hehe, ya, those 20 AP are a bummer after you get used to 40!

Already lost ~20 more last night and 20 more this morning. It wouldn’t have been a problem, but I am trying to get the clue that doesn’t exist and carry on with the event.

All in all, FBG pulled an incredible event this summer and it made me unlock Moulin expeditions (love the writing and mechanics) and the Hurlers (I’m amazed by it and I think only Flint struck me this hard; writing, mechanics, exploration, unknown, danger).


My Friendship just renewed in-game. So all is well.

Same here, the bug has been fixed!

How long has Station VIII had that really cool backdrop pic with the airship?

Haven’t been there for an absolute age, and I’m sure it didn’t have it last time I was there. I love it. Can only hope that over time all the other stations might get their own specific picture too.

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I would say it was always there

Looking for an opinion over here too: what item to pick with the free tokens ? Here’s some background:

  1. Thanks to the free plaque, there’s no need to get Highly-Accurate Gargoyle because I can reach 15 MA with MH profession. This may not be the best, but it’s an option. I have the MA boots already.

  2. Thanks to the APoC affiliation, there’s no need to get the Fourth City Eyeball nor wait until Hollowmas to get the spouse; I can hit 100% success on the Bazaar card.

  3. I’m too hedonistic to use the Augmented Electrostatic Machine.

  4. I only have 30 tokens and I don’t plan on using more money to get more.

  5. I can hit Shapeling Arts +6 after I get the Turnip and the Home Comfort (Amber Vision of the Sea of Spines)

  6. I have Cantigaster so A Rack of Carefully-Individuated Deaths isn’t that important. Same with False-Star Catalogue and Verdant Hairpin for Glasswork.

  7. Of course seven points! I’m most inclined to get the Overwrought Bathtub because it sounds too great!

What to pick with my free tokens now? :)

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No, it wasn’t. I’d say it’s been there for about 2-3 months? When it dropped, I hoped the other stations would get their own backgrounds as well, but if that’s the plan, they’re taking their own good time with it.


According to the Wiki edit history, the image was updated in January.

I agree, I wish more stations had unique art because that header is awesome. And it sets the stage for the location.


“2-3 months ago” - see, that’s how good I am at estimating time :joy: