Weekly Fallen London Questions, 01/07/2024

July again?! Well, perhaps some quick questions about Fallen London will get us through.

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anyone knows the amonunt of people who get the belmmigan tourist vs the amount of people who fail the check? asking because the +8 watchful and +2 bizarre is really high for the point in the game where i got it-do people useally pull his card later on? thank you in advance.

I guess everybody gets them. It was an addition as part of a Kickstarter (Zubmariner? Sunless Skies?) and is supposed to be available to everybody. The stats are relevant for a long time, considering it’s a free companion as part of the tutorial, that’s right.


…ah. I remember that I had to make a(for the time) difficult watchful test on their card. Am I miss-remembering or is that check just guaranteed to succeed?

Regardless, thank you for your help GB2K.

Hello! So, I never spent any stashed treasure since I first went pirating and so, after the wrack-iron grind, I now have 113,115 stashed treasure and I’m wondering what to spend it on: are any of the offerings at gilders mourn worth it? Is there a particularly profitable grind involving ST I could perform? Those are the questions I now ask myself, and that I now ask you. Your help is, of course, highly appreciated, and I thank all who will answer very much!

P.S I am willing to do grinds involving rat-mart. I may not like that place at all but I do like money.

If you can afford Fabulous Diamonds, then you’ll be able to cash those out for more than their traditional sell value once you reach the Hurlers on your railway. (I’m pretty sure you aren’t there yet, but the deal is so good that it is worth waiting) Alternatively, Salt Steppe Atlases can be sold for Khanate money, which isn’t quite as valuable as it used to be. Aside from that, just buy whatever you want to, though if you haven’t completed Evolution you should pick up a couple of Zee-Routes.


which station is that, again? third? forth? i am indid not there yet but i will keep this in mind and do it should i not be given an immediately useble suggestion.

thank you but, unfortunately, i am not prepared for the khanate yet.

i have, but thank you for your concern., and also in general for your advice.

I’ve got bad news for you there; The Hurlers are the eighth station (which, curiously, isn’t Station VIII) so you likely have a while to go. Even if you don’t want to wait, I would still recommend cashing out in diamonds if you don’t need anything else, because it would be rather tedious to do so in one of the lower denomination items.


damn, okay…aha i’ll get there eventually.

what is station VII called, then? if it isn’t spoilers.

sure, will do that. thanks!

I finally figured out Rat Market because for once I had something they wanted to buy there! I also finally figured out the grind and got myself stuff like Solacefruit and Preserved Surface Blooms!

… did I dutifully grind away for needed items? Lol, no, no I did not. I got myself Vakeskin Boots and a Ravenglass Knife. At least I looked dangerously stylish as I realized it had been very dumb to give up a Fourth-City Echo for that little money.

Whoops, i think i meant this for the Achievements thread. /o\

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The Station named Station VIII is actually the fifth station, despite being called, well, Station Eight. The eighth station is, as I mentioned, called the Hurlers.


1-thanks again! 2-well that’s confusing…

Station III is a prominent location in Sunless Sea, and a few other locations in that game were previously known as Stations IV, V, and VI, according to the text.

The railway locations are never referred to by number. The Hurlers is the eighth one, but you know that because you can count, not because anyone ever says it’s #8.


Right. There’s also the new Station IX, for Firmament. The Station [Roman Numeral]s seem to be some sort of collaboration between the Admiralty and the Masters to gather intelligence and resources beyond London.