Weekly Fallen London Questions, 01/01/2024

Man, it’s really 1899 again already? It feels like it was 1899 just a week ago. Here’s the first quick questions thread of the year!


yeah! actually, what 1899 are we on? i, was, ah… wipes honey and sniffer blood off of my night-trimmed frock coat BUSY during the new year.

By my count, this makes the fourth 1899. Let’s hope it’s the last one, my unopened bottle of Broken Giant 1899 ‘Century Label’ is really collecting dust.


The good news is that now we can always party like it’s 1899.


well, you listen here, mate-you might as well drink it now! the bit-excuse me, the traitor empress, well, she’s never gonna let time move on, let me tell you. she’ll keep as in this Century 'til she goes to meet the one high above-or, in other words, never.

Well, the “start the hell-train” card appeared in my deck today, so I have a couple of questions to ask: firstly, at what point would you’ll recommend starting with it? Secondly, I’m hoping to get my notability back to 7 so I can do the “face of the company” option-would that be Wise, or should I go with one of the two already available options? And lastly: if I dismiss this card from my hand, will it show up again? Massive thank you’s to anyone that helps me with this, I’m very conflicted.

I assume the card you’re referencing is Advertisements of a New Venture? According to the wiki it appears at the Frequent frequency (2x standard) so it can be safely dismissed if you’re waiting to play it for whatever reason

As for which option you should pick, I don’t recall the method by which you acquire directorship making much of a difference—picking based on convenience or RP factors should both be fine. The only penalty you’re incurring is, well, not having started your railway yet, which in turn delays its completion. If that’s a concern for you, you could easily start grinding the materials needed for tracks prior to actually starting the railway itself which should smooth things a bit (my understanding is they’ve cut down the costs—and therefore the time—dramatically since I finished the railway storyline so even this is less of a concern than it once was)

You may also find the wiki’s guides handy:
Railway Beginning (Guide)
Railway (Guide)
Bessemer Steel Ingot (Guide)

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okay, thaaank you.

is it that importent?

I mean, sorta? This is a game where mostly the point is having fun by reading text & doing RP. You wont be able to read the railway content, or anything predicated on railway unlocks until you’ve well, done that. And there’s some stats and things where having a railway is either useful or necessary. But if you’re enjoying yourself with whatever you’re currently doing instead of the railway then that’s fine, the railway will still be there when you’re done, so it’s not like there’s really a rush? But if you’re sitting around having run out of content you can do with your current characters unlocks then you’re not gaining anything by stalling either


Safe, but not necessarily wise. If you discard it, it’ll be back in your deck getting drawn more frequently than cards you actually might use. If you want to stop a useless frequent card from taking up your limited card draws, you keep it in your hand.

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