Wedding event (with another player)

Good evening!

I was wondering how the wedding event, the actual wedding, plays out. My RL wife and I have spent the better part of 9 months working towards it on and off and at 9400+, we’re nearing our dream wedding in the dark depths of the 'Neath.

Since only one of us can have the &quotorganizing&quot quality at once, does only one of us experience the wedding as a player? We use FL to keep creative writing as a bonding activity (on top of normal means) when we’re apart. Being military, at the moment it’s just my daughter and I while she’s away.

That being said, FL keeps us laughing and this wedding has been worked on pretty hard while we’ve been apart, so I was wondering if we need to consider anything before picking the venue (St. Fiacre’s, clearly) or if we should know about anything before we start it. I’ve looked for some information about weddings but don’t quite seem to be able to get a good idea as to what two different players see.

Any help (or advice on the upcoming bits, spoiler-free!) would be welcome.


Don’t worry—while one of you will need to initiate the wdding, you both get to experience it in full! You’ll each have a thousand Organising to spend on whichever options you wish. There’s also no mechanical difference between getting married at St. Fiacre’s or the Bazaar, so you’re fine there too.

There’s only one option during the wedding that is mechanically special, but I suspect it’ll be obvious which one.