Weasel of Woe cards

Do you have a similar problem where the weasel of Woe opportunity cards, remains in the deck even after the weasel is unequipped?

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Do you mean that if you’ve pulled the card you can’t dismiss them, or that you’re pulling them while it’s unequipped?

The first is intentional, so that you can’t just swap out of the Woesel to dismiss bad cards, and was part of the Woesel nerf. If it’s the second you should probably submit a bug report!

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Thanks, yes it’s the first situation.

After the weasel is unequipped, the cards remains in the deck and cannot be opened unless I equipped the weasel again.

Maybe if they change the cards to autofire type would be a little more suitable.

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If they did that those cards would no longer serve their purpose of acting as a dissuaded to those wishing to use the Woesel to trim the deck for profit. The nerf was threefold; first, of course, they made certain valuable cards that were being farmed with the Woesel unable to be drawn while it is equipped. Second, they added non discardable cards that punish you with menace to the Woesel deck and made them persist until you play them, even if you unequip the Woesel. And third, they intentionally made it so that it would ALWAYS take an action to dismiss it, lowering the EPA of using the Woesel for deck trimming. (With the exception of Hallowmas, of course, but honestly I don’t think that they mind so much the Woesel use for Hallowmas.)