Has anyone tried the &quotfast gun&quot ? If so, what do you think of it as compared to the Jerusalem and/or the &quotgrapeshot&quot ?

For me, best gun hands down. That may have something to do with the fact that I really enjoy steaming straight at something and slamming the fire button as fast as possible until it the train overheats, though. Your mileage may vary.


generates a hell of a lot of heat, of course, but come on, it’s so cool. It’s definitely the best damage over time until you overheat, but if you can get enough shots out before it’s disabled you can do a lot with it. Unfortunately the game in which I had it just had issues due to mandatory autosaving so I die as soon as I load the game, but it’s a lot of fun.

DPS is a tricky thing to assess: it looks impressive, but one has to be able to use its potential which is not always possible. Whether it is more efficient than alpha-strike-Jerusalem is difficult to say. But it definitly FEELS good: dash-dash-dash-dash-dash-dash-DASH!!1 Enemy carcass goes up in smoke.

The DPS of the Brassraven is incredibly powerful. It has no cooldown whatsoever, and I’m fairly certain you could fire it 25 times in as many frames (at which point it overheats) if you could make the inputs that fast. There’s an old trick, which I’ve heard was used by Counterstrike pros when pistols used to work the same way, where if you have something that you want to send inputs to something as fast as possible, you bind it to the scroll-wheel. You just get fairly close to be sure of your aim, and then scroll up to delete enemies. Reach Marauders and Cantankeri can be destroyed extraordinarily fast, but I’ve had a harder time against Tackety Scouts. It basically cripples you for the rest of the fight, though, since it generates a ridiculous amount of heat. Your weapons will malfunction, and you can’t move at all at 100 heat and have to wait to cool down, and maneuvering gives heat, so you’re going to get shot before you cool down enough to fire again (edit: also, hitting 100 heat does 1 damage to your hull each time it happens). But that’s dependent on there being a rest of the fight, which there often won’t be since you can get a near-instant 75 damage in (3 damage per shot, 4 heat, so 25 shots times 3 heat is 75 damage). Against anything with more health than that, though, it’s dangerous to you, since it has by far the lowest damage per heat of any of the weapons. I’m not sure if anything has more health than 75 right now, but I suspect Tackety Scouts might.

Edit: https://i.imgur.com/LA4if99.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KjpOxwx.jpg This is basically what it’s like when you do that. It’s quite impressive, especially when you do it to an enemy and it explodes.
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