Weapons of Choice (a create-an-item thread)

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We all know the Black Ribboners each have their own unique weapons, but if you could choose any (chronologically sound) weapon for your own character, what would it be? Here’s one I came up with.

Yew-hewn Longbow:
+8 Dangerous, +4 Shadowy
As strong and silent as the one your grandfather might have wielded.
With death the way it is in the Neath, bullets tend to pass through their victims with little bother.
An arrow, on the other hand, takes a bit more work to extricate.

Christopher Walken’s dancing.
(And now that tune is going round my skull.)

Im very dissapointed that the only sword we get is a swordcane. Where’s my saber? Some of the text ingame even mentions the player using a saber!

Poisoned Fountain Pen (+2 Dangerous, +2 Persuasive, +1 Bizarre)[li]
It is said &quotThe pen is mightier than the sword.&quot
But a good dose of hallucinogenic venom makes it a better weapon - or a pleasurable entertainment for lonely nights.

You know, I had thought the exact same thing a while ago. About the time the Devious Raven Advisor picture was published. Not that I don’t like the sword-cane, mind you - it’s still my weapon of choice, in fact unless I have particular needs for a specific outfit usually equip it. Either that or the Ratwork Derringer, depending whether I feel more Shadowy or more Dangerous ^^
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I’m tempted to say a sword etched with the Correspondence; but I fear than any sigils with significant combat application are not something you want anywhere near your hand. Or:
&quotDay 7: Theoretically, a Corresponding Gun is a good idea. Bullets that explode into fiery madness would be very effective, if only they would clear the barrel before doing so. Ruined good pair of gloves; also, fingers.&quot
No, I think I would go with…
Diogenes Lantern: A light to banish all darkness. Illumination that cannot be quenched. That which reveals all truths, no matter how hidden.

I always wanted an Elephant Gun, something that says “if this can’t kill it then run like hell!”

Bloodletting Knife + 2 Dangerous - 1 Wounds
A very convenient tool. Aside from reducing some illnesses, you can cause them as well.