We Need to start filling out the wiki!

I have an urge to start populating the wiki with data, about prices of various things. So that we can maybe figure out some good trade routes

I’d like to create pages for various items, like in sunless sea: Firkin of Prisoner's Honey - Official Sunless Sea Wiki
I tried copypasting the source code of this, but a few things were rather off, the area in the topright was absent, and the table was missing borders and oddly padded.

Is anyone here good with wiki stuff that can get us started ? Once a template is in place i can use it to populate content
edited by Nanako on 8/30/2017

I’d love to help start populating it, but I’ve never created a new wiki before and I always have to look at source material anytime I do extensive editing that requires lots of formatting, so I’m probably not the person to create the new wiki. But its gonna be fun getting it going.

Edit: I was able to get an exact copy of the Firkin of Prisoner Honey page to display correctly. Use the source editor (top right, click &quotedit source&quot instead of &quotedit&quot and copy the code, then paste that in for the new page you want to make with that code as the template.)
edited by vulchor on 8/31/2017