We need the F key remapped.

Simply the game is not fun when accidentally hitting the F key once kills you, can we please for the love of god move it to something else like say B for Boost engines, and look at the algorithm for engine fires, it should take into account how often the engines where boosted in say the last 2 mins, not used at all should be something akin to 0% blow out.

Custom key remapping will be available in a future update.

0% blowout should never be a thing, ever. Implementing a system where abusing your engines would result in a higher risk of blowouts does sound more attractive, though.

A risk/reward curve is a nice idea. Do people actually use Full Power, though? I mostly think of it as a button I can push to experience minor calamities for zero benefit.

I’ve only ever hit it accidentally and the two or three times it happened I couldn’t figure out how to turn it OFF before the engines blew. Very annoying.

You can’t turn it off. You have to wait for it to wear off.

Is it weird that I kind of like how this is? It’s wonderfully sadistic that there’s a &quotship blows up&quot button sitting directly next to the movement keys. Charming!

it would be good if the ability to remap does not come in teh next update, that the key its self was changed…

I must admit, I’ve hit ‘full speed’ instead of ‘turn right’ by accident on a few occasions. And it seems to make my engines catch fire about 75% of the time when I use it, too. Something so dangerous probably shouldn’t be right next to the basic navigation buttons. (It hasn’t killed me thus far because it usually only does a few points of hull damage and I’ve never been so unfortunate as to have this happen when I’ve already been blown almost to bits and left combat with a single-digit Hull value.)
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It really would match the setting perfectly for the button to exist solely to blow you up for the sin of curiosity. Might as well make it a big, red, jolly and candy-like button in that case.

If it’s not an impish trap for the unaware, then maybe down the road we’ll see monsters/hazards that desperately need outrunning, demanding a sacrifice of crew and hull integrity just to escape with your life. Right now, though, most enemies catch you by showing up in your headlights already on a full-speed collision course.
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