We need a sheep ship!

Sheep chip ship sells
Cheap sheep chips on
Cheap sheep ships!

We need a ship-shape sheep ship.

You should feel baaad for that.

You might, but personally I require a cheap sheep-shaped ship’s chip.

But sackville! That would go so quickly! Why would you not visit a cheap sheep ship and buy a great deal of cheap sheep ship shaped sheep ship’s chips?

How many sheep could a sheep ship ship if a sheep ship could ship sheep?

Maybe you people should count your ship.

This is bullship.

Why? It’s merely cheap sheep chip ship-worship.

We of the Neath demand - ahem - suggest the citizenry would be best served with - ahem - served by a sheep dip chip ship, suitable for all the Duthcess’ little soirees.[li]

Juliet Chauvelin

How about if the Overgoat helps us “commandeer” Hell’s Brass Trireme?

Ship-shape sheep don’t come cheap, and we might be at short-shrift to staff said ship, what with the dip in ship-shape sheep to chip in shifts on all the sheep-ships.

A fleeting Flit-made fleet of cheap sheep ships zealously zailing the zee is unanimously unherd of.