Ways to improve Persuasive to 200 unmodified?

My base Persuasive skill is 172. I’m trying to grind it up to 200, but it’s taking a ridiculous amount of time. Are there any (free) Persuasive challenges that are intended for my level or higher?

Once you break 150 or so your best option is social actions and the occasional card. You can also burn Confident Smiles from the social actions for more training.

If you’d like to swap persuasive social actions, I’m always game for that (but probably after Hallowmas)! Currently at 182 myself and attempting to hit 200 as well. My profile is in my forum signature.
edited by Sestina Valdis on 11/1/2015

Jules, using a Talkative Rat or other stat-lowering equipment until your odds of success are ‘low-risk’ (blue) will get you 2 cp per action vs 1 for straightforward (green or white). Yes, you will occasionally fail, but not often enough on average to make up for the double CPs you’re earning.

Also, if you have acquaintances who are Exceptional Friends, having them send you invites to the House of Chimes private rooms is a great source of Confident Smiles, which can then be turned in as Myke Harryson suggests.