Way to sell a stained soul? (spoilers for SMEN)

So it’s that time of year again. Penstock is back again. For two years now I have missed getting what I truly want from him. I want the cheap option to upgrade my Brass Embassy house. This year I saved buckets did everything right. And then I realized I have to have my soul sold. Which is kinda a problem. Seeing as how mines all stained and torn to pieces… Anyone have a surefire way to misplace the thing for I bit? I can pay you in kittens.

I’m afraid the only place I know is closed now. At Hallowmas, you can sell your soul for a special price. They don’t check for stains then, but if you go to the Forgotten Quarter that month while it’s lost, you… have lots of regrets. It takes A LOT of stuff from you.

You can also get rid of your Stains during the Flint storylet, if you can afford the Fate.

Whelp, can’t clean my soul and it’s the wrong time of year. Guess it’s back to trying to grind 9 notability…


If it helps at all, a year ago I had either yet to reach POSI or was getting close, and decided I’d do everything that would give me the best chance of being able to get the 5-card Lodgings the next time Neathmas rolls around.
Instead, I ended up acquiring the last of the 5-card Lodgings a few months ago and ended up having a heck of a lot of Taste of Lacre I have little use for.

What I’m trying to say is that you’ll get there soon enough. :-D
(Just try not to fixate on it, and you’ll be fine.)

You’ll get the notability sooner or later - just stock up on BDR gear first, and keep banking MW in your Salon/Orphanage until you need it. :-)
I try to go one week ‘on’ for grinding for Notability, then take a week off. Then go back into it on the third week. Constantly grinding Making Waves is gonna be no fun, and you’ll want to mix it up so you don’t get bored with the game.

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