Watchful Shoes?

I’ve been playing for a bit now and something I’ve worked to achieve is having a full set of gear specifically for different kinds of tasks. Shadowy, Watchful, Dangerous, and Persuasive. I mostly do except for some Watchful footwear. Does anything like that exist? I remember that Mirrored Shoes were the Watchful gift from your Benefactor when you start, but I don’t want to spend Fate doing that again solely for those shoes. I’ve found stuff outside of the Bazaar, so is there anything you can find in a storylet?

There are exactly two pairs of Watchful footwear - Mirror-polished Shoes and Meticulously Altered Stockings, which are a part of the Advent Calendar. So you can either spend Fate or wait for Christmas (in all honesty, I’d wait).

While banished to the Tomb-Colonies I actually got the opportunity to pick a new benefactor without spending Fate. But I’d shown my original one the door before finishing his plot, so maybe that was why? My new shoes are very shiny, in any case.

Guess waiting is it then. Thanks for the reply!

The thing is it was only available for the advent calendar from that year , 2013 and 2014, it is not confirmed that it will ever be available again so… I chose the shoes, though I still have the stocking.

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