Watchful Curios?

Does anyone know a source of Watchful Curios that’s not Hunter’s Keep or the rare event from Khan’s Heart? I heard that somewhere in the Pillars of Irem, watchful curios can be bought (but I have no Idea where it is). There’s also the unprepossessing mass, but I honestly don’t know how it works since the game forces me to use it immediately. Didn’t there used to be values in not using it?

Anyways, I ask so I can get Stone’s attention to save the Brisk Campaigner.

The Pillars of Irem is the top North-East section of the map but, as far as I know, the shops there are not available yet.

As far as I knew the only sources were the rare event in Khan’s Heart or getting lucky killing beasties. So I would be interested to know about the Hunter’s Keep source.

Pillars of Irem is the only place I’ve found them easily accessible, but the cost is reasonably high

Hunter’s Keep is a one time thing where you search the house before it catches fire.
Watchful Curios can also be obtained from some values of &quotA Preposessing Mass&quot. Before the combat update, I got quite a few from hunting Lifebergs, though they’re long gone now. It’s annoying cause so many things require them! The Principle’s quest, talking with the king of Polythreme, offering something to Stone, and doing stuff for the Brisk Campaigner…
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Thanks for letting us know that the Irem shops are available - I just took a look and there are some very useful items for various quests, much easier than waiting for random stories or the right value when you kill a beastie.

I was having a good deal of difficulty finding those as well. The two I’ve found came from butchering Elder Angler Crabs. They used to hang out around the Labyrinth of Eels, but lately they seem to have migrated just north of the Savior’s Rocks.

Thanks so much! I can now save the Brisk Campaigner ~

Glad someone could :(