Watchful Curio source(s)?

My hold is stuffed with the bounty of a thousand battles, my home adorned with relics and artifacts aplenty… but I regret that I have no companion with whom to seek a Polythremic audience. [li]

Might a fellow Captain share the knowledge of their likely location, perhaps?

You can buy Watchful Curios for 77 echoes during the random rare success fish seller event at the Khanate or Western Angler Crabs drop them as loot sometimes.

Has anyone found a use for it? The scholar will buy it, but it seems to be the same price as before you took it to Polytheme. Anything else it’ll do?

EDIT: It’s useful for the new story in the Principles. Anyone know where to look for the other stuff it asks for? Some seems reasonably obvious, some I have no clue. Where can I find lorn flukes?
edited by Acliabides on 9/26/2014

Lorn Flukes can be found in the North East of the Principles or around the Fathom Kings. They are pretty tough opponents though.