Waswood stories you'd like to see

With the arrival of the old stories carousel in the Waswood, what pieces of past content do people want to see?

For myself, the list would include:

  • Seeing the genuine exceptional rose[/li][li]Sunlight at the Feast of the Rose[/li][li]The old old Christmas with the Duchess and the knot-names

What else?
edited by colinsapherson on 3/7/2022

The original, longer prison sequence at the start of the game?

I gotta imagine the GCO will rank highly on some people’s lists.

I would like to revisit the next-most-older version of Hallowmas, where we got to see the Confessions of various significant NPCs. I understand why they stopped doing it that way, but some of those confessions were unique insights into some of the characters.

I don’t know enough about the Festivals of yore from before those to be able to say what else I missed.

[quote=Alexander Feld]The original, longer prison sequence at the start of the game?[/quote]Longer? I came down 6 years ago and I am not sure if I forgot my experience or if there was another.

I could maybe see an event that combines the much shorter mayoral options from Fruits of the Zee, when they didn’t have an in-depth meeting show up in a single amalgamated Waswood encounter.

As I missed the Grand Clearing Out, like I’m managed to miss nearly every seasonal and timed event over the years, it would be to be able to experience that. Though I do wonder how much will be carried over by whatever festival comes in to replace it.

I’d definitely like an option to see the old Hallowmas confessions, though I also wouldn’t personally mind having that as part of the Fate options for past Hallowmas companions during the season.

What feels like an obvious choice in terms of things people might want to see that’s retired is Knife and Candle, but I have absolutely no idea how you’d go about doing a Waswood version of that. The Mysteries similarly feel like something you couldn’t recreate.

I’m not sure which one is newer, but there are at least 2 starting storylets you can get with a new character, and one is considerably longer.
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