Warm Amber

War…m Amber
Good god, y’all, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing?

It adds 2 to my Persuasive, but beyond that doesn’t seem to be usable in any way (including trading it or selling it at the bazaar), and I seem to keep accumulating the lumpy stuff.

Does it have a use at any point in the game, or is there some place where it can be sold?


Sublight Monster

You can convert it into regular Deep Amber, or if you get 100 of them they can be redeemed for 1 Trembling Amber. If you bring it into the Cave of the Nadir you can get Violet Amber, an unsellable +3 Persuasive weapon which has no other use. Might be worth picking one of those up if you’re a collector, but otherwise they aren’t too useful.

Here is a list of all the possible uses for Warm Amber. You’ll want to hold onto at least 1 Warm Amber if you’re interested in a Noman, and it’s needed for a section in Light Fingers.

It’s main use is with the rubbery men as you can convert it and use it with them mainly. Besides that there are the only the uses that have been listed by Sara. They can’t be sold so that’s about it.

Forever Changed by the Nadir
Imprisoned by Nightmares

You need some in a step for Light Fingers also.