Warm Amber and the Boneless Consort

Does anyone know if there is any other use for warm amber when one has the Boneless Consort? It seems that having the consort locks the &quotRubbery Man lopes in your wake&quot opportunity card which lets you trade in the warm amber, and apart from some very specific singular Ambition-related actions, there doesn’t seem to be anything else listed on the wiki. It’s a tad frustrating.
edited by mr_mercutio on 12/20/2013

It’s recently been changed so there’s a card to exchange warm amber for 100 deep amber and some rubbery connections, which does not lock with having a consort.

The …Lopes…card is no longer locked for those with a rubbery fetish. I have drawn it since the changes.

Ah, many thanks good fellows. I’ll just keep my eyes open for it to appear.

Yeah I bug reported the lock a few days ago when the economy changes went into effect. They made the card important for trembling Amber trades. It’s been fixed since