It is kinda suck that i need to hold everything on my ship. Some of them are part of quest item which can’t be drop or some are rare item that will be use later. I know that main part of this game is not about being Zee Merchant (Still, require load of Echo to do everything.) but can we get to rent or buy our own warehouse just for store our stuff for later use? As for illegal item. Make the custom search the warehouse too should be enough.

It’s been proposed and talked about a lot.
Personally i am ok with a little storage that could be raided but i supposed the devs are not of that opinion since they want you to FORCE choosing what to keep and to give value ho your hold cargo capacity…

But to make new player get annoy to an unexpected cargo? It is really salty experience. I wonder why we need a mansion after all if we are force to keep everything on our own ship. Darn, and i thought absurd small warehouse in BL2 was bad. This is much worst.

Yeah, it’s “harshful”, it’s probably done to discourage people from “pack-ratting”

the other way around it would be to have multiple ships, all with their own ports, and as for discouraging packratting, considering Fallen Londons approach to having the possibility of unlimited goods if you play long enough, I wouldn’t have seen it as a problem.