Wanted: Reminders of Brighter Days

“An opportunity of business There’s significant money to be made here. Do you know anyone on the Surface who might bring you a few things for a cut of the proceeds?”

Hello, I am new to this game and know noone who plays it. I need a friend or two! I want to do this opportunity card but i need a follower on twitter (@Cyclonenic). Anyone willing to help?

Actually, that card (and all others mentioning someone on the surface) sends an invite to someone who isn’t playing Fallen London.

Oh really :( It didn;t say that like the other cards do.

Any time a card asks if you know somebody on the Surface, “Surface” is code for “not playing”. If you know someone who’s interested in playing, it can be a good idea to toss some invites their way. Although I highly recommend unchecking the box for messaging them, and asking them to play personally. Nothing turns folks away from a game faster than an automated message.

Or you can make a dummy account on twitter and just spam that with invitations. You get goodies when you send out the invitation, so that can be handy (You also get some when the person joins, albeit usually less)

Also, a quick way to make a friend or two in Fallen London is to follow people from the forum on Twitter or add people on your StoryNexus page. Click the “Users” tab at the top of the page for some people and click through the last few threads for some more.

Thank you both for the advice.