Want a sip of Hesperidean Cider? Here's how.


I’m keeping the below list for historical reasons and because other people have linked to it. an_ocelot went NORTH and is permanently unplayable; Kade Carrion, my currently active player, does not have Cider.


As stated here, I have successfully purchased Hesperidean Cider.

Possession of Cider allows you to send sips as a social action. Taking a sip of someone else’s Cider will drop your Wounds slightly and give you 1 x A Taste of the Garden. That unlocks opportunity cards that will drop Wounds somewhat more, slightly increase Nightmares, provide an Extraordinary Implication, and consume 1 x A Taste of the Garden.

If you’d like a sip of Cider, here’s what to do:

1. Send a social action to [[SOMEONE WHO IS NOT AN_OCELOT OR KADE CARRION]].

Do not request one here, in a PM, or anywhere else. My social action to-do list is my FL messages tab.

Recommended social actions:

  • The Neath’s Mysteries card (drawable only at Lodgings), because it’s intrinsically profitable to us both; if you have a choice between branches and aren’t sure which one to pick, here are your options in descending order:
    ** A strange sort of prank (4 Echoes);
    ** A singular phrase (2.5 Echoes);
    ** Going to the theatre (2.1 Echoes to sender, 2 Echoes to recipient);
    ** Sharing a dream (1.11 Echoes);
  • Coffee (Lodgings / Attend to matters of society and scandal / Meet someone for a Coffee at Caligula’s); I probably won’t respond until Tuesday (see below), but it’s available to anyone with Persuasive 5 and boosts Making Waves for both of us (plus Persuasive & Confident Smiles if not already capped); and
  • A genuine gift off the Give a Gift! card or First City Coins, which are nice for me but doesn’t also benefit you.

Social actions that are common but should be avoided:

  • Write a letter, because it doesn’t benefit either of us; and
  • Chess or Sparring Bouts, because they only provide Making Waves to the winner.

Don’t send:

  • Chess, because as of June 15 I am temporarily not accepting it;
  • Options that harm me, such as live rats;
  • Suspicious Loitering, because it drops Making Waves;
  • Tournament of Lilies, investigating photographers, or robbing museums, because I’m just not interested in them.

2. Write in the message field that you would like a sip of Cider.

If you do not write anything I will not send you Cider, because I can’t read your mind!

In addition: do not call me &quotsir,&quot &quotman,&quot or any other masculine form of address: I’m female (and I play a character of mysterious and indistinct gender, which means there is zero reason to conclude that I’m male other than the harmful assumption that the default is male).

3. Drink up!


I generally try to send out sips in chronological order. However, as noted above, my messages tab is my to-do list. So if I’ve already got enough Making Waves for the week, I will delay accepting your coffee request until Time the Healer comes on Tuesdays, which also means delaying sending your sip. I will get to you on the next Tuesday, I promise. (And if you’re elsewhere, I’ll keep checking.) If for some reason you urgently need a sip before then, say so in your message and I’ll respond early (but save this for last resorts, please).

I will accept multiple requests from the same person, but I’m going to prioritize first-timers, so don’t expect more than one sip in a row. Also, the other thing I’m doing with my time right now is trying to rebuild after selling almost everything I could, so if you’re going to ask me for multiple sips, a more profitable social action than coffee would be appropriate.

This offer will remain open for the foreseeable future; I will edit this post if it changes or closes.

edited by Kade Carrion (an_ocelot) on 2/14/2017

Hey Ocelot, I’ve a question for you.

Does Cider now go into the new Sustenance inventory category? Or is it still in Curiosity?

Still a Curiosity!

[color=#e53e00]whistles nonchalantly[/color]

Oh my GOSH you almost gave me a heart attack before I realized what y’all must’ve done!

(And hey, now that I have to scroll waaaay down to find the Cider, can you give me a &quottry this again&quot button for giving out sips? At well over 200 sips given out–I haven’t checked recently–it would make my life much easier. Thanks!)
edited by an_ocelot on 10/6/2015

[color=#e53e00]Oh! Sorry. I thought that the alongside Cecil’s reply, my comment’s significance would be obvious. Doh! :-) No heart attacks, please!

Try again - not something that works on social acts, I’m afraid. :-([/color]
edited by babelfishwars on 10/6/2015

No, no, it was looking for it in my possessions and not seeing it in the expected spot that gave me a heart attack, not your comment, sorry! And alas, but thanks for the information.
edited by an_ocelot on 10/6/2015

[quote=babelfishwars][color=#e53e00]Try again - not something that works on social acts, I’m afraid. :-([/color][/quote]Really? Seems to work for other social actions (e.g. Nursing a friend back to health).
Maybe it’s different if it’s triggered by an item and not a storylet.

[quote=dov][quote=babelfishwars][color=#e53e00]Try again - not something that works on social acts, I’m afraid. :-([/color][/quote]Really? Seems to work for other social actions (e.g. Nursing a friend back to health).
Maybe it’s different if it’s triggered by an item and not a storylet.[/quote]

Um. Yes. That. (Remind me not to make vague general statements. You’re always going to catch me out.)

Just wondering : do you think that a single sip grants the ability for someone to go back to the Surface if they died in the Neath ?

I think the consensus is that the cider itself doesn’t grant true immortality, but that the visions you get when drinking it may lead you to the Garden.

Sip count: 380.

Has anyone tried taking some taste of the garden into Flint part 2 yet?

I didn’t have any; if anyone wants to, be sure to say that your request is time-critical in the request, please!

I’ve been holding out til after Christmastime to do Flint part 2. So I should message you before I go and get a sip to see if it impacts it?

maleclypse, if you want, sure, or just send a coffee request now and I’ll get to it next Tuesday, and you can hold onto it–you might not want to drink it until just before you go because the cards do clutter the hand.

Out of curiosity, how high is your Approaching the Gates of the Garden quality? You get a few cp of it every time you play a cider card, and it levels quite quickly when you own a cider and drink it. I got to Approaching the Gates of the Garden level 263 before I sold my cider, and I am a little curious as to if that is a lot of the quality or not.

279, and I’ve been not drinking cider (and therefore not pulling cards) since Hallowmas because I’m trying to cash out my Revolutionaries connections.

Wait, you sold your Cider?