Voyages of Scientific Discovery - worthwhile?

I am playing a character who desires knowledge above all things, but have yet to complete the University storylet (largely, I admit, due to the delicious little nightmare-reducing option in Time Passing).

My only real reason for leaving this cosy little life as a sometime academic would be to go on a voyage of scientific discovery for purely lore-related reasons, but if the lore isn’t anything riveting I might stay put. (I am especially interested in all things concerning the Bazaar, Masters, the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem, and am Seeking on my alt.) Would anyone be willing to let me know what kinds of issues the lore at any of the three islands covers, please, and if any of it has interesting implications beyond Making Your Name?

I should mention that I am at the stage where I am doing things such as grinding for an Ubergoat and M----r’s B—d, with all unmodified stats over 160, and watchful at 195.

(I apologise if this should be in the Salon, I wasn’t too sure which was the best place!)
edited by gothicmarquise on 10/26/2020

Voyages of scientific discovery open up new locations that provide rare goods, including those related to the new bone content, so there’s that.

For myself, I’ve enjoyed Bullbone and Corpsecage rather more than Mutton Island and Hunter’s Keep.

The Renown 40 item for the church is on one of those islands.

Oh, useful to know, thank you both!