Vote for the Jovial Contrarian!

Hello all, I wanted to encourage my fellow Londoners to support the Jovial Contrarian this election season.

I’ve heard some disturbing rumors about the Contrarian that are untrue. Many claim the Contrarian is a revolutionary trying to further the Liberation of night. This is a very serious accusation and should be dispelled immediately.

The Jovial Contrarian is an intellectual, who considers all sides of any argument in order to gain greater knowledge and understanding. Regardless of ones views, it is good to have them challenged often. Many have criticized the Contrarian for his change of opinions, but I think it is admirable he has the humility to question to his views and admit he may have been wrong. Whatever the Contrarian plans, he will question it and listen to the arguments of others. He is not an arrogant dictator who will force things on others with certainty or silence others. In my view the Contrarian is not just a lesser evil but an excellent candidate for London mayor.

Take a look at the Latern, the Jovial Contrarians election item. While he may appear extreme, he is in fact upholding the balance between light and darkness that is critical for the well being of London.

The Liberation of night must be avoided, but there is another threat, the Dawn Machine. The darkness of the liberation would destroy London, but should the light of the Dawn Machine become too bright, Londoners lose their free will. The Jovial contrarian is the finest candidate to lead London to a better future and protect the city from it’s greatest threats.