Voices of the 1895 Mayoral Election

In the course of the 1895 election campaign, I talked to a lot of people, mostly curtsy of the then-new coffee mechanic. And I mean A LOT OF PEOPLE.

The result was a nice In-Character record of why Londoners voted the way they did (as well as some truly delightful RP). This weekend I finally got around to organizing them. All have been anonymized.

Campaigner Supporters: C.S.
Detective Supporters: D.S.
Feducci Supporters: F.S.
No clear answer: N.A.

Please note that I spent most of my time trying to reach Feducci supporters and late deciding voters. When I contacted already committed supporters of the Campaigner, it was generally unintentional, the result of them not journaling and/or displaying their political allegiances. I contacted Detective supporters intentionally for 9-10 days, but afterwards such contacts were accidental likewise.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 7/3/2018


[spoiler]C.S. 1
&quotOh, you’re preaching to the choir, sister. I, too, support the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. Allow me to post my name to these bulletins so that all fellow campaigners can know they may request donations from me at any time. Stay strong in these times of turmoil. &quot

C.S. 2
&quotWell, hello. I would be delighted to join you in support of the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. I’m currently working as a fixer, but I must confess I haven’t done much fixing yet. If you have any advice I will certainly take it to heart. This is my first election.&quot

C.S. 3
&quotTo think of London as a whole, yes, the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner would prove most beneficial. But to lower my scope to the precious few for whom I care, well, I must also concede to your argument. Despite some rather unfortunate rumours with regards to my associations with certain denizens of the infernal variety, my loyalties have always lain with those who showed me the greatest kindness when I was at my most helpless and destitute. They say the streets raise its children to be cruel. I offer an alternative hypothesis - the streets reveal that among us are the truly good, however unlikely it may seem at times. The manors smother us with formality after formality, to save us the effort of caring. I suppose that is one of the reasons why I still linger in my old rooftop shack. To summarise; you have my vote and any resources I can muster for the cause.&quot

C.S. 4
“Dear Ms Auclair, As a fellow supporter of the Dauntless Campaigner I am glad to see you reaching out to others and I am delighted to tell you that I have convinced a Feducci-supporter to come to our side as well. The recent polls had me worried, our city might fall into the hands of evil directly or indirectly, but I do see there is still hope. Thank you for your work!

C.S. 5
&quotM’lady, your words have steered me deeply inside. I can assure you that I will henceforth put my humble efforts into supporting the Dauntless Temperance Madam in her mayoral bid. Progress for London’s socially deprived is the most noble course possible - that, and lovely, civilized tea. (You don’t think she would mind if I spike my tea with a sip of brandy - for health reasons only, of course?)&quot

C.S. 6
&quotYou do not have to convince me, for she is already my candidate and shall remain that way. The papers may say she struggles, and spread unconfirmed rumors, but improving the lot for all will never be anything but a struggle. We will continue on.&quot

C.S. 7
&quotWhile of course I appreciate your attempts at conversion to our Dauntless Lady, I’m afraid you’ve found yourself preaching to the choir - I am, myself, a staunch supporter of our good Campaigner. Whilst I fear we may not be able to win this election (and I should be more than happy to be proven wrong), I could not possibly see myself pledging support toward the false-friend to the Tomb Colonies that we have in Feducci nor a woman who stands firm in the belief that our constabulary needs more power than it holds already. A kinder London is already a fair London and the logical conclusion, perhaps, is not the sensible one. I wish you a fair day and good luck in your campaigning!&quot

C.S. 8
&quotDear Anne Auclair, Your passionate spiel as to the virtuous morals of the dauntless Temperance campaigner has quite convinced me that she is indeed the best candidate; she certainly sounds to be better than the cad Feducci, who’s only honour is inside the dueling ring. And so I pledge my loyalty to this cause, and look forward to taking tea with our esteemed candidate. Yours faithfully, [Name]&quot

C.S. 9
&quotThe Warhelm is hardly the most outstanding, one would find more shocking millinery in the sidestreets of the Bazaar. The Belfry opens up a tantalising buffet of spying options, but the Bristling Bearskin! You could brush the teeth of Storm with it!&quot

C.S. 10
&quotThe doctor, a man approaching forty with an open expression and a sincere manner, is grateful for an excuse to have some coffee. He looks like he’s been working hard. &quotFor the last time, I don’t endorse Feducci. The Campaigner’s a bit overzealous, yes…but it’s a far sight better than the others. She believes in equality and kindness.&quot He sighs heavily and runs a hand through his hair. Judging by its mussed state, he probably does that often. &quotBut I’m a physician – and God knows that lot get themselves banged up a great deal.&quot A shake of the head. &quotI don’t have it in me to turn them away. It started innocently enough, but now everyone seems to think I support that violent Tomb-Colonist…and I don’t. He /kills/ people, you know. For good!&quot The thought clearly upsets the man.&quot

C.S. 11
&quotSee, ye’ll find the 'orned ones evr’ywhere. At Southwark’s, near Ladybone’s, 'round the corner in Spite, even ‘ere, sipping tea and lookin’ like a proper Londoner–If yer willing to bend your definition of ‘Londoner’ to include creatures like him, the Rubberies, and so on–. Is yer lady Temperance willing to fight ‘em when the time comes? Is she -capable- of gatherin’ the men to do so, when she canna figure out where to dump all the honey? I don’t claim Feducci is a good man. He ain’t. But he’s the man we need in charge. ((Hey Anne! Glad to see you over here. Keep up the good work!))&quot

C.S. 12
&quotDear Ms.; Thank you so much for your invitation, and your well-phrased arguments! Indeed, I have been unconvinced by my current candidate; as much as I value the work the Detective has done for the city, I am uncertain whether she truly has the interest of all citizens in mind when she plans her course of action. The Campaigner, on the other hand, is proving herself to be truly caring for the people, human or otherwise. Furthermore, her connections seem to be more radical and more serious in their drive for change than I first thought. You and this combined have, in fact, swayed me. So thank you again for your words, and I hope to see you at the Campaigner’s headquarters in the near future. Kind regards, [Name].&quot

C.S. 13
&quotI heartily endorse the Campaigner! As for Feducci, I heartily agree with you. I am disgusted (though not surprised) that Feducci has progressed so far. I much mislike the notion of a spy for the Presbyterate who fought in the vanguard for the Devils against London actually RULING London. And a slave driver…! Not to mention that I myself have heard, about his headquarters, butchers and campaigners discussing ways to, and I quote, &quotcarve up the electorate.&quot I greatly fear for the rights and safety of the people of the Neath should this profligate slave driver and torturer win. I am sickened that he is running at all. Have you any plans for defeating this creature? And if you do, may I please help?&quot

C.S. 14
&quotI didn’t trust Feducci’s reckless campaign from the start, but was uncertain which of his two opponents to support. Knowing that our beloved mayor Sinning Jenny has endorsed the Temperance Campaigner (however subtly) is good enough for me. I had already begun to grow skeptical of the Detectives methods and motives, so I will switch my support immediately!&quot

C.S. 15
&quotI’ve seen it all, my friend. Every last inch of suffering, and I’ve dedicated myself to the cause of London’s future. I have no doubt that the Temperance Campaigner will be a more than fitting successor to Jennifer’s legacy of improving the city’s downtrodden, and its future. If you attract some… less than wanted attention this election cycle, I implore you to consult me. I can… fix things. Even the little things, anything for a future better than now. –[Initials]&quot

C.S. 16
&quotYou have made your case clearly and adroitly, and have not left me unmoved. As much as it pains me to withdraw my support from one who brings such marvelous strangeness as Feducci does, I see that we may have better hopes of a coming strangeness if and when the Rubbery and the Clay in kind have more of a voice in the Fifth City. I am, after all, part Clay now, and have been before part Rubbery, shows clay arm. And who knows what delicious madness may take place from so much honey in one place? cackles gleefully. Your case is made. I will join with the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner.&quot

C.S. 17
&quotMy dear Anne, may I call you Anne? I have great respects for the cause of the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. I most certainly do not support the ‘eat or be eaten’-mentality that Feducci wants to establish. I am however a friend of our Neathly Delights and do not want to see any unnecessary restrictions to them. Also, our constabulary is clearly in the need of someone capable to cleanse out the corruption within, which I hoped the Detective might achieve. This is why I threw my hat in the ring for her. But even more so I value the personal rights that we each enjoy. Humans, that is. The support of rights for the Clay Men and the Rubbery Men that has emerged during the Campaigner’s campaign did touch my soul there. And such a heartfelt plea for support I cannot ignore. Alas, there go my spent resources. Even though I doubt that we will be able to turn this trireme around, let us hope for the best.&quot

C.S. 18
&quotMy dear lady, I must confess that I have become increasingly wary of Feducci and contrite for supporting his campaign. As much as it pains me to go back of my word and despite the little love I have for Temperance, I must solemnly agree that the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is the kindest choice. Please excuse the myopia that has afflicted me. You may henceforth count me among your numbers. Your humble servant, [Name]&quot

C.S. 19
&quotI’m intrigued. The news that the Rubbery Men and the Clay Men are supporting the Campaigner seems quite significant, as do your thoughts on Feducci’s campaign. I’ll admit I had not yet decided who to support, but you have given me much to consider. Barring any other revelations, I think you can safely count on my efforts and my vote going for the Campaigner.&quot

C.S. 20
&quotDear Miss Auclair, After some preliminary consideration, I have been avoiding much of the election to-do. In all frankness, I am more invigorated by a stay at the Royal Beth than embroilment in politics. (Not to mention I have yet to gain the knack for the social side of Neathly living.) That said, I hasten to add that I both applaud your determination in political advocacy and am most grateful for your news concerning the election’s progress. Though my own political vigour may be lacking, I promise what little support my allegiance might bring to the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner in lieu of her investment in our fine Rubbery denizens. À bientôt&quot

C.S. 21
&quotThank you for the invitation, Delicious Friend. Let us raise our cups to Sinning Jenny. May her many wonderful deeds as mayor be honored and remembered. And who better to continue to advocate for those who need it than the Dauntless herself? &quot

C.S. 22
&quotMadame, I cannot pass up the opportunity to discuss plans for the improvement of our fair city, and the cleansing of corruption in the highest and lowest of its places. The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is the salvation of London; we must make sure that all know of her selflessness and magnanimity.&quot

C.S. 23 [requesting a donation]

&quotA Hungover Terrier, looking quite deliberately pitiful, sits next to a collection basket, which itself is ensconced comfortably next to a young woman in red spidersilk, perched next to the tea table, with &quotDauntless Temperance for Mayor&quot and &quotSociety for Traumatic Metafiction&quot pins on her hat. &quotI’m collecting for the Bohemians,&quot she explains, expertly scritching the Terrier behind the ears. &quotOh, honey and wine are alright in moderation, but I’ve known too many actors and artists driven to drink by the scandalous lack of appreciation this city has for our work! Like this poor chap. Don’t suppose you’d see your way to a few pence for the cause, love?&quot&quot

C.S. 24 [requesting a donation]

&quotTo the Esteemed Anne Auclair, I write to you on behalf of the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. I am sure you are quite aware of the current campaigns for mayor, and I know that you are likely hard-pressed for your support during this campaign. I write to you today hopefully as a brief respite from the repetitive and arduous endurance that I’m sure you’re exerting this campaigning season. You are invited to a society gathering in the name of sense, sensibility, restraint, and reason; both as a welcome guest of your own right and in support of our shared representative, the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. I hope that we can count on your support. Should you have any questions, doubts, or objections, you may trust me to keep them in confidence and answer them to the best of my ability. I hope this correspondence finds you well, and I want to add that I am willing and able to provide whatever private assistance you may require, including a consoling ear, shoulder, hand, or boot, as appropriate. Respectfully, [Name]&quot

C.S. 25
&quotFriend, thank you for your invitation. Though my views differ on the effects of the reforms that our previous Mayor had wrought, I agree that much more work has to be done before the poor can rise above their artificially imposed condition. No one should be forced to suffer in order to live - and the temptations that surround them do not help much either. As such, I will be glad to accept your invitation.&quot

C.S. 26
&quotA letter arrives at the dead of the &quotnight&quot, it reads: &quotGreetings Miss Auclair, I have followed your progress through the campaign for our excellent candidate, and I am heartened by your zeal to such a worthwhile cause. However, i must express my dissatisfaction with your stand on the Council. It seem you ignore the fact that there are indeed some moderate revolutionaries in there, although buried under the viciousness of certain wintery months. I have always believed in the Council, because, although the need for violence is painful, I simply cannot deny that we are facing a terrifying enemy of the fair people of London, and some methods are unfortunately necessary. I had hoped the victory of the Campaigner could have changed the inner working of the Council, showing them that change is indeed possible without such brutal methods. I beg you to not judge a movement based on the actions of bad seeds who only care for violence, that have forgotten that we fight for the wellbeing of the people. I hope we can remain in contact. Compliments, [Initials].&quot

C.S. 27
&quotDear Ms. Auclair: Thank you very much for the coffee. You’ll be happy to know that you’re preaching to the choir. While I have many Infernal friends, there’s no way I could support the man that has been relentlessly butchering my spouse’s brethren. This is why I have chosen to agitate for that busybody Campaigner, despite her honey-thieving ways. I just hope she will be as kind to the Snuffers as she is to the Rubberies. - Sincerely, [Name]&quot

C.S. 28
&quotThough you’ll be pleased to hear I already support the campaigner, you might be less pleased to hear my reasons. To be completely frank, I don’t give a damn about her cause. I love honey, wine, and crime. But old bat is the only one looking out for the little guy, and is awfully amusing, to boot. The last thing I want is a London run by constables or bloody foreigners. So a toast to the Dauntless Temperance Campainger! May she win the day, then accomplish little.&quot

C.S. 29
&quotMs. Auclair, Though I supported a certain Contrarian in the last election, I have since found Sinning Jenny to be a more than satisfactory Mayor. She has earned my personal respect through her policies and other matters. Nothing saucy, I assure you, but I fear I cannot specify. I have gathered additional intelligence on our bandaged &quotfriend.&quot I am ashamed to admit that certain vital points had eluded me until now. Slavery? Foreign loyalties? I had hoped that Feducci would give second-class citizens (Rubbery Men, Clay Men, and the generation that hopes to one day become Men) a fair chance without bogging our city down with unnecessary and potentially-harmful restrictions. You can see what I received instead: deception and immense disrespect for our dear Mayor. Our Campaigner is far from perfect, but her heart is in the right place, and that’s just the place we need to be in these trying times. There are some questionable campaign efforts of mine that need undoing. Where’s that evil twin when you need him, hmm? Should you notice any unwarranted scrutiny that my actions have drawn, I will devote my every effort to &quotfixing&quot them, as it were. As promised, I’ll meet you to discuss the transition on the ___st. I will gladly treat you at Caligula’s, where I still intend to consume coffee and baked treats in excess. Ha! With gratitude, -[Name]&quot

C.S. 30
&quotWell that certainly does seem damning I admittedly picked Feducci mostly because he seemed the most interesting candidate and not because of any policies or expectations of what he would do. After reading up on Feducci’s rather shadowy backing and lack of expertise in managing London he does seem to be a rather undesirable character to have as mayor. However I do find the DTC’s campaign against Gin and Honey to be a completely unacceptable curtailing of the basic freedom to do basically do whatever you want as long as it does not harm someone else and while I agree that getting drunk and say for example attacking a constable to be unacceptable behavior I find being arrested merely for enjoying some of the pleasures of life to be ridiculous. However However I do also support helping out the Rubbery Men and the Clay Men both of whom constitute a rather poorly treated subclass of citizen in Fallen London so I think I will switch my support in this election in order to aid them. Well Done, [Name]&quot

C.S. 31
&quotThe letter reaches him at the worst possible time, in a sour mood after an exhausting day of campaigning. It’s likely just an honest mistake that he received it–they must send it to as many people as possible, surely–but his feet hurt, he’s had a string of bad luck at the doors, and the introspection that came with changing his candidate exhausted him more than he realised. And he was doing so well as a fixer! In the emotional moment, he forgets that it was his choice to become a campaigner as an act of penance, and only feels irrationally angry with the letter writer. -I already switched sides, what more do you ~want!- After removing his scuffed boots with a groan, he picks up pen and paper to write a hasty reply. &quotRest assured I already changed my vote to your liking, but I want you to know that I do not support her in my heart. I chose the candidate I believe to cause the least harm to the likes of me. So many supporters of hers look down their noses at me or my friends, because they think us poor and uncultured or see us as children who must be saved from their own decisions, taking away the honey and wine but not the reasons why we have to drink and dream. And I relish every day I don’t have to see clergy or society types. I know it won’t make much of a difference–a vote is a vote–but it matters to me. I just wanted you to know. Regards, [Name], a lowly thief.&quot

C.S. 32
&quotMy dearest Lady Auclair, It pains me to admit my doubts as to the course on which I am set. To speak quite frankly, I voted in haste at the whims of an acquaintance in exchange for a particular set of antiquarian coins that I had little need of. I admire Feducci as an individual, but do we truly want a mayor loyal to a foreign power? God only knows what whims the Presbyterite will be able to indulge with one of their own in our (third) grandest seat of influence? Feducci’s influence reaches far and wide. Some days ago I expressed my doubts as to the virtue of his cause, and contemplated that of the Implacable Detective (one may find her ‘Grand Prosecution’ to be of interest). Word came back to him, and the following day my public influence was greatly diminished, merely for the thought of dissent. I fear for what he could do to my reputation should I publicly renounce my associations - one does not survive the Black Ribbon undeservedly. He is, above all else, a dangerous man(?), and I will have to act cautiously to distance myself from him. You have intrigued my interest in the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner; I will continue to investigate all three movements, then come to a decision. What concerns me about your candidate is that, in all the time I have observed her actions, she has not once mentioned the plight of our fair city’s urchins. Your truly, [Name]&quot

[they later sent me their card]… &quot-wrapped in a bundle of tea leaves is a small blue feather. a Soot-Stained Urchin places it delicately on your doorstep, knocks and makes her escape.-&quot [signaling that they switched][/spoiler]
edited by Anne Auclair on 7/2/2018


[spoiler]D.S. 1
&quotAfter no small amount of deliberation, I am casting my vote for the Implacable Detective! If only to root out the corruption that infects our beloved city’s justice system and to prevent the duplicitous Feducci from gaining office. The Dauntless Campaigner, no matter how good her intentions may be, loses support on her unswaying stance on the dangers of honey and other such harmless (in measured amounts) libations. Prohibition is no way to stem the abuse of such substances! It will only drive those addicted to more unscrupulous providers of sustenance, surely the opposite of what our dear Campaigner wants?&quot

D.S. 2
&quotMadame, that may be so, but the Campaigner also endorses English tea, which I can only describe as an abomination. I share your assessment of Feducci, that is true, and contrary to your mistaken belief I do not support him; I have merely had some… difficulties in arresting him. I support the only logical choice for London, and the candidate who I am most certain will ensure that Feducci, too, shall not escape the Law. One should think, given you are aware of his actions, you would support this as well. I remain, etc. [illegible flourish], Inspector of the First Class.&quot

D.S. 3
'But does that not start with reform in our court systems? In a removal of the corrupt constables and judges making honest men into criminals? Part of the cause of the hardships in the ‘Neath is the fact that while our courts profess justice, they practice petty embezzling and an almost gleeful tactic of brutal beatings on those who deserve none. Such a victim could become disillusioned with his fellow man, and seek escape in dreams. I would note that I, too, take particular interest in mirrors and dreams, so I understand as well as any the dangers of honey. But would it not be wise to have a mayor well-versed in the systems of our beloved city, as opposed to one who may have roots in those who lack faith in London?’

D.S. 4
&quotWhile I don’t support Feducci, I’m afraid I can’t cast my support behind the Temperance Campaigner either. I’ve already pledged my support to the Detective, as a staunch supporter of the rule of law. &quot

D.S. 5
&quotMme Auclair, I fear you mistake me. I am well aware of Feducci’s corruption and could never support him. I declared for the Implacable Detective. I’ll admit that I have given serious consideration to the Dauntless Temperance Crusader - her support among the Clay men, for instance, counts more for me than her hypocritical indulgence of the Young Stags. But high-pressure tactics tend to get my back up, as they say. A Londoner will make up his own mind; and I am well aware of the facts, thank you.&quot

D.S. 6
&quotMy friend, I share your revulsion towards Feducci’s past. I have dedicated myself to the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner’s cause, and to doing everything in my power to keep this slaver out of our government. &quot

D.S. 7
&quotTo the most Charming Miss Auclair, I am delighted that you have decided to share, specifically with me, your reasons for choosing the Campaigner. While my loyalty lies with the Implacable Detective, I would not mind in the slightest to have a refreshing, friendly chat about politics. Sincerely, [Name]&quot

D.S. 8
&quotI thank you for your concern, yet I already stand against Feducci’s… short-sighted principles. My vote lies with the Detective, as I feel reforming the constabulary is the first step towards a truly better London.”

D.S. 9
&quotI despise Feducci my friend. He reminds me of my government back on the surface and I shall tell you I’m done with the surface. I’m a supporter for detective even though I would like to join you and listen different opinions. There is still time before us.&quot

D.S. 10
&quotI salute your devotion the Dauntless Campaigner. But my allegiance is to the Detective. Brutal her techniques may be, but she’s honest with her goals. Every Londoners will benefit from a less corrupted institution. Or at the very least, the establishment will have to come face to face with their wrongdoings.&quot

D.S. 11
&quotYour enthusiasm for the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner does you credit; but I find the lawful and thorough approach of the Implacable Detective the most logical candidate. However, I shall miss Sinning Jenny’s time as mayor dreadfully, and so I shall accept your offer for a bit of coffee and a bit of reminiscing. &quot

D.S. 12
&quotSilas Hollow listens patiently to the speech, sipping his coffee and gazing across at Ms. Auclair over his spectacles. When she’s finished, he puts down the mug and says, &quotA pity we can’t pair the Campaigner’s heart with the Detective’s mind. And perhaps Feducci’s spirit.&quot

&quotVery convenient, how the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner’s position on temperance has softened now that she is running for political office. And doubtlessly those rumors about pouring honey down a well are too absurd to be based in reality. Frankly, I prefer her as she is: a Campaigner. God knows she’s done the city good, but politics are an ugly, dangerous business. The Detective could run London like a well oiled machine, tighten the loose screws and replace the broken parts. It’s true that her focus is narrow, but pressure from, for instance, a dauntless campaigner might force her to apply her mind to a variety of complicated problems in need of solutions. The Campaigner will help many during a term as mayor, but if the core is rotten, how long will it last?&quot

D.S. 13
&quotWhile I find your goals well-intentioned, and would never dream of refusing a polite invitation, I’m afraid I do not believe The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is the best choice for London. I consider temperance, in particular, to be a virtue of value only if it is not imposed by outside forces. Thus, I consider The Implacable Detective to be the more logical choice. However, I wish you the best of luck in campaigning for your choice; I would much sooner have her in power than Feducci. If you wish to have further discourse on the matter, I would happily meet you here again another day.&quot

D.S. 14
&quotI appreciate your dedication to the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner, but I feel that Fallen London’s moral lack will be best addressed immediately through reinforcing the constabulary and a better support for our own legal system above the fickle laws of the Masters of the Bazaar. That being said, so long as Feducci is not elected I will be content. I cannot abide a man whose campaign platform is primarily about fair play who himself is such a brazen cheater that the very concept of &quotfair&quot is utterly foreign.&quot

D.S. 15
&quotI’ve heard most of the rumors surrounding Feducci. Have you heard that he’s really a spy for the Presbyterate. Can’t have that! I, myself, support the Implacable Detective over the Campaigner. Alcohol is mostly consumed by the poor, who will no doubt turn to violence without their fix. The detective, in rooting out the corruption that is so undoubtedly characteristic of London, will stop our superiors from taking advantage of us. Also, she is rather better company, at least when one is intoxicated.&quot

D.S. 16
&quotThanks for the coffee, but I’m afraid I’m Implacable through and through.&quot

D.S. 17
&quotThe Campaigner can sod off with her teatime and her rubbery pets. No eleventh hour appeal is going to sway me away from supporting the Detective.&quot

D.S. 18
&quotRest assured that my loyalties lie with London and her people, the moment i even think of siding with that cheating snake Feducci is the moment that you should slay the snuffer that has taken my place. Regards [Name].&quot

D.S. 19
&quotPrepare for the Grand Prosecution. My vote is firmly blue.&quot

D.S. 20
&quotWhile I appreciate any effort to stop Feducci from winning, I think it is foolish to try to rally people behind the candidate far at the back of race. The Implacable Detective, whom I am supporting, not only offers a better platform of Justice for London, she’s also a more likely challenger. Nevertheless, thank you for the invitation, I always enjoy a good political debate.&quot

D.S. 21
&quotI certainly have no intention of voting for the slave-driver, but, for the time being, my support is still with the Implacable Detective. Her connections with the Constabulary make me somewhat uneasy, but she seems genuinely devoted to rooting out the corrupt and brutal members of the police force, which can only improve our deeply imperfect city. Meanwhile, I admire your candidate’s service to London’s downtrodden, but remain deeply suspicious of her censorious impulses. Nonetheless, may one of us triumph over Feducci!&quot

D.S. 22
&quotDear Ms. Auclair, I admire your concern for the common man afflicted by the corruption of this Fifth Fallen City. Yet if you desire to truly make a difference against the wave of despair that eats away at the city perhaps consider voting for the Implacable Detective! The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner’s heart is in the right place, no doubt, but stamping out the honey sellers and the crooked landlords is only the start to addressing this affliction. For too long crooked powers have operated with impunity within the streets of our city. Individuals who I most certainly cannot name in this letter without the Ministry of Public Decency sweeping in and accusing me of revolutionary sympathies. The Implacable Detective seeks to deliver much needed justice back to our legal system while offering programs to rehabilitate those who must resort to criminal enterprises to make their way in the world. Please consider casting your vote for the Implacable Detective! She’s not the candidate we deserves but she is the one we needs right now. [Name] &quot

D.S. 23
&quotDear friend, I hope not to upset you with such a late reply, and refusal. I believe in your best intentions for this city, but as they say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions! It is naive to believe in everything good against all bad things, and just as naive to try to correct all the evil of this world, it is not in the power of a person, even if exposed by authority. We should be more modest in our dreams and boldness. The small thing in the power of a person is to bring order to our judicial system. And let everyone get what they deserve. A pleasure to meet a socially acceptable person such as yourself. I apologize if my disagreement with you grieves you. I did not mean to offend you at all. Perhaps we will meet again in more appropriate circumstances. You know how to find me. My best wishes!&quot

D.S. 24
&quotDelicious friend, thank you kindly for informing me off the details of your campaign. However, I must confess I seek a more orderly London and supporting the Detective seems to be the logical choice indeed. I hope we will have a good time and good sportsmanship. Cream or sugar?&quot

D.S. 25
&quotThe bandaged fellow chuckles &quotI suppose I admire the Detective, from having worked with her before, and I’m not opposed to her quest for justice… Though that’s a shame about Jenny’s friends…&quot they sip… something liquid, surely &quotThe Dauntless Temperance Campaigner seems a bit… too authoritarian for my tastes. Though her intentions seems good. Then again, hell is full of good intentions, goes the saying… I wonder how this phrase works in here on the Neath.&quot&quot

D.S. 26
&quotYour Crusader has the passion of a righteous man, but, unfortunately, not the wisdom of a strategist – the Hole of Honey is one of the best examples. I am truly afraid that she is greatly in danger of becoming a marionette of the Masters because of her short-sightness, and I have had enough of their rule. The Detective, while not so sound, is a genius of strategy, and a very covert one. Conspiration and carefulness is what we need while dealing with creatures so above us.&quot

D.S. 27
&quotMadam Auclair, I wish to thank you for the splendid coffee and conversation at Caligula’s! On the matter of Feducci, we are in complete alignment; I too find him unscrupulous and frankly contemptible. My sources confirm he has yet to flesh out any real plans to improve London, so I’m quite wary of his motives. However, I’ve also come across information casting doubt on the sincerity of the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner’s position on certain … apiary matters. Your opinion of her might change were you to visit the lower areas of her campaign office. While I have no desire to outlaw tonics, spirits or other intoxicants, how can I trust her more admirable goals (such as improving the plight of rubbery and clay men) when one of her core values appears so hollow? I would strongly advocate that you reconsider whether your vote is best served by the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. How can one truly hope to bolster the standing of lower classes when so much corruption runs rampant? Grift hurts the least well-connected the most; funding for schools and infirmaries will never reach any students or patients unless someone like the Implacable Detective is in charge. I truly think she is London’s best hope right now, and I hope you will contemplate lending her your most excellent support. Once again, I thank you for your generosity and the chance to exchange political views.&quot

D.S. 28
&quotDear Anne Auclair, in this city of story I make decisions based on the narrative they could provide above all else. Feducci - for all his untold intrigue, status, and underground dealings - will never provide us a front row seat to his most interesting mysteries. At best we’ll have to chase him down for our intrigue, only to have him evade any consequence regardless of our actions. At worst he will be affably secretive, and we will gain or learn nothing of consequence. The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner - for all her sincerity, charity, and resourcefulness - will never delve into the deep mysteries of the Neath. At best we will witness her compromise more and more, treading a dark path in her ambition to accomplish what she believes will make things better. At worst she will fulfil her generic aims in a manner that is amusing, but ultimately without anything remarkable to speak of. The Implacable Detective, however, seeks to uncover and reform the current Constabulary. She has nothing to hide and everything to expose in this endeavor. Her goals are risky and come with great potential for consequence, both for herself and the unspoken masses of London. The revelations will not be earth-shattering, nor will things truly change, but in this personal narrative I find the greatest potential for a compelling story to stand alongside all the rest. &quot

D.S. 29
&quotI’m sorry, Anne, but are you aware that the Dauntless Temperance Crusader is part of the problem? She steals the honey from the people who find it to be their only bliss in this life. She cares not for the children of the Flit who have to steal for a living. She spends her money on tea rather than on the people who need it. Consider instead the Implacable Detective. She has the power to defeat the crime in the city, whether it be rubbery, infernal, zee-zailor, human, or other. She chooses to not spend her money on her favorite beverage rather than your Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. Her focus is on the people of the city rather than her own comfort. The Implacable Detective knows what’s best for the denizens of the Neath.&quot

D.S. 30
&quotWhile Feducci is no doubt deplorable, (it’s unfortunate that he’s probably our next mayor.) I find your argument in support of DTC far less convincing. While many of her causes are admirable, she’s unwilling to face the root of the problem, and also probably unable to. Sinning Jenny told me herself that she knew her reforms were too meek; she lacked the authority to confront the Powers that Be (The Shuttered Palace and the Masters.) The DTC will face the same challenges. Because no meaningful reform can actually be accomplished until the rot at the heart of the city is addressed, namely the fact that it isn’t a free one. Corruption is rampant in the city, law enforcement is inconsistent, some people being able to ignore the law entirely, and autocrats and bat-people run the government. While the DTC’s causes are valiant, she has not spoken about the thing that facilitates them; a lack of Good Government. Something that can only be accomplished by fair and incorruptible enforcement of Justice. In order for the DTC to even be possible, the Implacable Detective must take office first. And why can she face the Shuttered Palace while Sinning Jenny couldn’t? Because The Implacable Detective, if elected, would have the full force of the Constabulary behind her. &quot

D.S. 31
&quotDear Anne, I’m heartfelt by your appellations and your tireless work in the campaign for the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner - I really am, and believe me when I say I wholeheartedly respect your drive. Yet, I’ve made my choice - and although I won’t lie that I’ve started this election supporting Feducci, I couldn’t in good conscience keep doing so when his past - and present - come up to my knowledge. Yet, if I’m to be honest to myself, my vote is for the Implacable Detective, and not just my vote, but my efforts. I’m pretty sure the Campaigner has all the best intents, yet one can’t hope to apply regulations when the evaluators of these same regulations are easily corruptible and already in the pockets of the rich and the powerful of the city. I won’t tire you with my litany of reasons for supporting the Detective, as I know I can’t change your opinion. But trust me when I say I really wish you the best of hope in your work - and although I’m a fervent supporter of the Detective, I wouldn’t be miserable if Dauntless win this election. I only hope that Feducci does not. Yet, my vote is for the Detective. Sincerely, [Name]&quot

D.S. 32
&quotI agree that Feducci would be an irresponsible choice. The polls, though, show the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner has virtually no chance of surpassing him. I doubt anyone will believe that Sinning Jenny has endorsed your candidate simply because she drinks tea, as so many of us do. Let us be honest: Our beloved Sinning Jenny has a background replete with wine, honey, and other delights that the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner would deplore were it not politically inconvenient for her at the moment. Might I suggest an alternative? Alone, neither the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner nor the Implacable Detective is likely to overtake Feducci’s comfortable lead. If we were to combine forces, however–throw our support behind a single candidate–we could not fail. As a practical matter, the Implacable Detective is far closer to defeating Feducci. Moreover, she pledges to preserve order, which is the very antithesis of Feducci’s call for chaos. She has the support of the Constables because she will make the streets of Fallen London safer for all: the poor, the miserable, the downtrodden, the outcast, and yes, even the Clay Men. The Implacable Detective is the only logical choice.&quot

D.S. 32
&quotYour argument is inherently flawed. You proclaim that there are only two options: vote for the Campaigner or vote for Feducci; completely disregarding my own candidate the Detective. Why should I vote for a candidate who is foolish enough to dump honey down a well? Think of what that could do to the Neath’s environment! Might London’s public end up drinking a honey-tainted water supply? I heard similar tales of the Campaigner’s supporters dumping wines into the gutters. The Campaigner means well but despite, or perhaps because of her dauntless nature, she acts first and thinks later. While her generosity is to be commended, her planning skills are not. I certainly sympathize with the rubberies and clay men, as well as all of London’s poor, but the DTC as mayor will certainly cause more problems stemming from lack of forethought than she would solve. Instead, I vote for the Detective, who is committed to reforming London’s constabulary; ridding it of corrupt officers who would prey on the poor, the urchins, the clay men and the rubbery men. &quot

D.S. 33
&quot&quotI regret that Feducci won. The Temperance Campigner, the Detective, either would have been preferable to that scoundrel. I sided with the detective only because I sympathized with her thirst for the truth, her hunger to solve cases. I share similar sentiments about another matter, but could understand that urge to seek out what might best be left alone.&quot&quot[/spoiler]
edited by Anne Auclair on 7/2/2018


[spoiler]F.S. 1
&quotAh, my good friend! Of course I shall be delighted to discourse with you on our coming Election, and all the fervor it contains. I myself am for Feducci; one so well-traveled can surely steer Fallen London on a wiser course in these perilous times. Perhaps I can convince you of his fearsome array of qualifications. Do you know of the Black Ribbon Society? I confess I have made some trials there, myself…&quot

F.S. 2
&quotDarling, you must understand how taken I am by your message and your attention. And I confess, I am not unmoved by your heartfelt pleas for equity. The concerns of London’s poorer inhabitants, human and inhuman alike, certainly deserve consideration. Why, I remember when I myself was somewhat worse off than I am now, without even a flat to call my own. Dreadful. But I simply cannot reconcile myself to some of your candidate’s more radical ideas. Darling, have you not experienced the freedom of a honey-dream? The exhilaration of a sip of Greyfield’s? The complex bite of this very cup of coffee? Why, when I was myself disadvantaged, these were the few simple pleasures that gave me spirit enough to carry on in spite of all. The surface was hardly so pleasurable; I was hardly so free. And freedom is what life in the 'Neath has afforded me, my dear - freedom to play the Game - that is, the game - as I see fit. I can only wish the same freedom on my comrades and fellow citizens, which is why I am committed to our black-ribboned friend. No limitations for any, and a fair chance for all. What could be more advantageous for our city?&quot

F.S. 3
&quotEllo, luv. Wot makes you fink I’m poor? Me an’ my Urchins look after our own, an’ we do quite well fank you very much. The Urchin Union, that’s our establishment. An Orphanage at night, an 'ouse of industry by day! School of 'ard knocks got us where we is, 'an we fight to keeps it. When life is ‘ard fought, you’ve gotta laff and let loose. Wot chance ‘ave we of doin’ that wif your uptight old bat turnin’ all the dens into tea shoppes? Bloody ‘ell. Wot’s next… prohibition on dreams? You’d only push the pushers deeper underground! Believe you me, luv… you don’t wanna go diggin’ too deep down 'ere. Dreadful ‘orrors lurk in the be’Neath. Better we expand sideways, I say. To other Coasts. Elder places, Warmer climes. This place could do wif a bit o’ new blood. ~~~Sincerely, [Name].&quot

F.S. 4
&quotHow very well-spoken. You’re a dangerous one, aren’t you? If you would prefer, we can settle this affair out in Tyrant’s Gardens. Around dawn, perhaps? To your health, friend.&quot

[note: we actually had a duel, albeit using the old sparring system.]

F.S. 5
&quotDear Madame, Thank you for your letter regarding the upcoming mayoral election. I regret that I shall be unable to attend your lecture as I have a prior engagement, and unfortunately at that time will in all likelihood be found lying dead drunk in the gutter with my knickers round my ankles. I sincerely hope that your meeting goes well, and does not get broken up by burly dockers wielding large clubs, and that neither you or any of your fellow campaigners are accidentally shoved down a well. Because that would be terrible. Always, [Name]&quot

F.S. 5
&quotI will admit, the main reason I backed Feducci is that the other campaigners’ reforms would have removed too many pieces from the board. I may have underestimated both the breadth and the honesty of the Campaigner’s beliefs. I will even acknowledge that the Campaigner would be a far superior mayor than Feducci. But also, know this. If I did not see my own rash decisions through to the end even when they bring me no benefit, I would have left London long ago. May the best candidate win.&quot

F.S. 6
&quotI thank you for the invitation for coffee, and the conversation was pleasant, but I feel I must tell you that I will not be changing my vote. I do not have any great passion for Feducci, however, many of my… economic endeavors would be in peril, should either the other candidates take office. Perhaps you will have better luck than with me, but given that there are no true agents of Hell on the ballot, I am of the belief that Feducci is my best bet.&quot

F.S. 7
&quotDear Friend. I am delighted by your invitation to discuss the important topics of Fallen London. I therefore must inform you that I do not care for the Campaigner’s promises to help the Neath’s poor. Take a look around you, my friend. What value has charity in a world that is filled to the brim with criminals and dishonest people? The Neath is a place where only the strongest, smartest and quickest can survive and giving the weak and helpless hope that they can achieve greatness when they will only fall prey to those who will use them for their own goals and games is beyond cruel. I’m sure we both have learned the hard way that soft emotions have no place amongst devils and cutthroats. Even the Campaigner is not free of blame herself with her infamous honey wells. you impose rules upon a world that has made it’s own rules. You are willing to saw off the overgoat’s horns so to speak for it to be a delight amongst small children. You have yet to realise Fallen London will never be a safe place for honest people, so the best we can do is give people the means to take up the fight themselves. Let people be given the opportunities to take up their own arms. That is to me what a fairer London means.&quot

F.S. 8
&quotI must request for you to never again darken my mail slot with your leaflets. They serve only as clutter and frankly, it’s quite exhausting to burn them. I sold my soul long ago and revel in my hedonistic ways. Keep me out of your talk of &quottemperance&quot and &quotmorality&quot, I might lose my lunch. With the utmost intemperance, [Initials]&quot

F.S. 9
&quotMy lady, your dedication to your cause is commendable, and your reasoning indisputable. You are, however, mistaken about my motives. It is not justice I care about, nor is it independence (excluding, of course, my own independence, which I believe is fairly unshakeable). In this election I seek primarily entertainment; callous of me, perhaps, but I don’t think there is much else to be gained. Feducci is the one who promises to be the most entertaining, simple as that. Besides, I have fond memories of repeatedly chopping him to pieces back in the day; such an act creates a certain bond between individuals. I remain truly yours, and wish you all the luck in your campaigning. &quot

F.S. 10
&quotI appreciate the sentiment of your arguments. However, I have no problem with Hell taking an interest in local politics, nor do I feel those who cannot make thoughtful decisions themselves should be propped up by a sad outdated set of social norms. To be honest, I’m only participating to support a more aesthetic view of morality. Murder should be applauded, provided it is beautifully perpetrated. The honey-mazed are valuable, so long as their visions produce remarkable stories. Gin is acceptable, provided its flavor is transcendent. Risk is rewarded, but risk comes with consequence. I fight for a world where the individual must take responsibility for their actions, be they good or ill. Fair Play, Fair Game… Also, thank you for the coffee. I hope you’re enjoying the election.&quot

F.S. 11
&quotI appreciate your zeal, but I’m already with Feducci. Or rather, not so much with Feducci as I am against the M_____s, the real power in London; can any mayor be more than a mere figurehead while they still hold dominion? Real change will never happen until they’re overthrown, and of the three &quotcandidates&quot I support Feducci only because he seems the slightest fraction more sympathetic to that ideal than the others. I hold no hope that he’ll do any more good than the others, mind, when it comes down to it; I am simply, as ever in politics, resigned to a weary and defeated yearning for the lesser evil.&quot

F.S. 12
&quotWell, I must say that the fervor displayed in your “invitation” took me by surprise. I shall gladly take coffee with you. That being said, I’m afraid I must warn you of something. I do not mean to boast, but I have, from time to time, been employed as a detective. The reason for this (and perhaps, truthfully, as a side-effect of it), is that I have become very good at noticing things about people. And from reading your letter to me, I have discovered something that I feel I should tell you: you are currently suffering from bomb-proof optimism. I opposed Jenny in the last election, and while I do respect her and her somewhat misguided ideals, I cannot say the same for the woman she has thrown her lot in with. In addition, I am surprised to find a supporter of such a prim and proper candidate relying on large-lettered slanderous statements to try and gain support. Oh, who am I kidding. We both know how this game works. Very little becomes surprising when you work behind the curtains of a political campaign. Also, I feel that you are leaving something out. While your candidate says that she will try, within the bounds of bureaucracy, to help those that you mentioned, Feducci offers a choice. Do you wish to be more than you are? Do you wish to rise above your station? Then you can. But you must be bold. I am one of the bold. Will you be? Fair game to you. [Name]&quot

F.S. 13
&quotMercenary? Whatever would give you such an idea? There is little that you could give me that would convince me to leave this campaign. I understand that the Sinning Jenny has backed the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner but I am afraid that I cannot back a woman who believes in such rampant wasteful behavour.&quot

F.S. 14
&quotDear friend, I understand your position quite painfully so. I see you have taken up the Dauntless Campaigner’s habit of being quite loud and long-winded. Might I recommend a relaxing spoonful of honey? Or perhaps a spirited late night race amongst the rooftops of Spite? You have a lot of work to do, and I am rooting for the underdog. Try not to be too furious at losing though. - a Feducci supporter&quot

F.S. 15
&quotLet me first thank you for the invitation, and more importantly, for the opportunity for a civil exchange of ideas. I appreciate your sentiment, but for my part, I must admit I cannot believe in handouts and benefits. Everyone must be given their fair chance, yes. And that should go for both the bottom and the top too. Whatever one has must be earned, and we both know the elite has done nothing to earn their place, other than being born there. It’s simply not fair. Not fair to the urchins, not fair to the poor, not fair to the labourers or the single mothers. That is why I support Feducci, because he promises to give everyone their fair chance. Let everyone make the most of it.&quot

F.S. 16
&quotI regret to inform you that I happen to be a supporter of Feducci. I only do so out of respect for him, and what he has done. Have you not seen how he conducts himself in the face of adversity? I led an assault on his campaign a while ago and fended off the rotten food himself! Such daring! Also I happen to be very close to the devils in London, so insulting them has hit a few sore spots on me, after all I’m training one in our ways down at Mahogany Hall! He… seems truly interested in it all. I have been in their warehouses and seen mostly souls and weaponry. But I don’t want to refute your claims, they are yours. I can respect that, and I’d be happy to talk about other things! …One thing though… Why is someone as respectable as you, one who not only owns their own newspaper company, but also lodges in a spire emporium in the Bazaar, coming to a simple doctor such as myself? It truly confuses me…&quot

F.S. 17
&quotMy friend, though Sinning Jenny had the most noble of intentions, it is the unfortunate truth that her efforts were ultimately less successfully then we would have wished. The Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is a fool if she believes her policies will make a difference for the poor and marginalized of London. At least Feducci shall offer us equality of opportunity. And frankly, the Campaigner threatens too many of me and my fellow Londoners’ businesses and hobbies with her campaign of Temperance. This isn’t the Surface. This is the Neath, where true freedom and equality can be found. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s this annoying little rumormonger I have to fix. I told the Drownies I would give him to them by six, and I intend to keep my promise&quot

F.S. 18
&quotNow now no need for that. Mr. Feducci is a respectable man. As respectable as one can ever truly be after the fall. I am a fixer, as you may or may not know. I am well aware of all shortcomings and lies any and all candidates make. I know where there exists truth in your words and where it falls to venomous falsehoods. Now let me tell you why I support Feducci. London shall die, I have seen this. None can stop it, only delay it. So, why Feducci? Why not Feducci. Why not see what happens. Why not pick the most interesting option and watch how things unfold. All things pass, after all. Except us. In Parabola.&quot

F.S. 19
&quotNeither the endorsement of Jenny nor Feducci’s acts–past or future–have passed my notice, but I must confess that neither sway me from my course in casting my support behind Feducci. Allow me to rally my points thusly:

  1. Jenny’s legacy will live on in the wonderful finishing school she instituted and the reforms she passed to improve the lives of the less fortunate this past year. Unless Feducci has promised to take a sledgehammer to the school and to steal coins from urchins, I feel her legacy will live on well enough.

  2. Feducci represents an exceptional chance to strengthen foreign relationships. He has rather… strong ties to the Elder Continent, a location our Majesty has had little luck in penetrating despite Port Carnellian’s best efforts. Stronger ties and the knowledge that goes with it could prove invaluable. And, yes, Hell does not forget and with him at the helm we could make our dealings with them clear and concise. A much more realistic approach than the hard-line approach of the Dauntless.

  3. This election is a farce. Yes, I side with the Contrarian in this matter. This entire election is 'naught but a play the true Masters of London will allow us to put on. It is a student council. Helpful, yes. Morally important, yes. But powerful enough to make large reforms? No.

Thus I will bet on Feducci for the sake of profit, policy and entertainment. Thank you&quot

F.S. 19
&quotNo, delicious friend, I don’t believe I will. Jenny has been an adequate mayor, but I supported the Jovial Contrarian last year. I have little sympathy for her legacy. Feducci as well offers succour to the unfortunate: that is the entirety of his platform, not a mere afterthought past stealing the few delights offered to the very same unfortunates she claims to be running for! Indeed, the Campaigner is the more presumptuous candidate: she has begun attacking legitimate persons of business and stealing their products! Feducci may have hubris, but as a man who has lived far, far longer than either of his opponents, he knows the signs of victory. And yes, Feducci’s vague foreign ties are a much greater problem than the Temperance Campaigner’s affiliation with revolutionaries! A closer relationship to Hell or the Elder Continent could work wonders for London’s position in the Neath, whereas your candidate’s unsavoury allies want nothing more than the destruction of every bit of stability in the Neath. You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe an illegible pamphlet attributed to a half-illiterate drunkard—he’s the sort who would say anything for a case of cheap wine. As for effectiveness… How much of her policy do you really think Mr. Wines would let her implement?&quot

F.S. 20
[Name] waves a hand lightly. &quotAh, do not be so angry, my friend. I find no fault with your candidate, in particular. but her passions are not mine. As you say, Feducci has served many masters, and has survived - well, if the term can truly be applied to one from the Tomb-Colonies - perhaps centuries of strife, intrigue and deception. I want to see what he will do, when given the reins of so wild a horse as Fallen London. Will he steer her true? Or will the Immortal finally fall to one stronger than himself? And if he does - as you accuse - serve foreign powers, what do you suppose the Masters of the Bazaar will do about it? These questions compel me. I wish to see that future, no matter how terrible it may be.&quot&quot

F.S. 21
&quotUnfortunately, in good regard to some of my interests, I cannot back the, hm, tea-loving Campaigner. And lords, she’s wasting all that honey, that could go to… baby-faced roses and monkeys! Not to mention the wine! I do thank you for your time however, and wish you the best of luck this reason. May the fiercest win this election.&quot

F.S. 22
&quot(1) &quotTo the Enterprising Ann Auclair, I have received your letter of defamation of my choice of candidate, citing numerous examples of falsehoods and dangers to the city of London as a whole. Now, as much you would like me to try and combat you on these particular points…I shall not. Because we are not on the same playing field, my dear. You seek to have the safety and security of London and its citizens to ensure a prosperous future. I, on the other hand, do not. I play a higher game, my dear. A game of risk, of terrible reward and awesome consequence. A game were only the most determined will get ahead, and rightfully so, instead of bureaucrats that grow fat and lazy with compliance. London and polite society has grown too fat this day in age. It must not only be trimmed, but to be regrown into muscle and sinew. One would suggest perhaps the Mindful Detective could accomplish this, but she is too introverted, she cannot see the urchins for the devils. She will suffocate London in her grip. I need say nothing of the furtherance of compliance under the mayoralty of the other candidate. No, I choose Feducci because it is that very risk of bringing London to a foreign power, of letting a Liar take seat of power, that will make things much more interesting in the next year.&quot

&quot(2) I do not expect you to understand, in fact, since this is written in Irrigo, I do not expect you to remember ever receiving this letter. Indeed, I have the messenger ordered to take back the letter after you have read it. But for the briefest of moments, I want you to know that you are far too simple to understand the greater games playing in the shadowy heart of the Neath. I do hope that this sentiment does survive the effects of Irrigo, and haunt your very mind for the rest of your life. A good election to you, Dear Ann Auclair, and may the Best Candidate Win. Sincerely, Canon [Name]. &quot ----------- A few moments you are on the entrance of your dwelling, a large man in a black cloak walking away from you. He seemed to have visited you door, but you can’t recall what has happened. Yet… you feel in an odd anxious humor at that moment. Whatever for? No matter. You must return to the work at had. You return back to your dwelling, clueless of what had just occurred.&quot[/spoiler]
edited by Anne Auclair on 7/2/2018

Noncommittal, Nonanswering, Not-Stating, and Seekers

[spoiler]N.C. 1 [specifically a response to one of my The Truth About Feducci letters]
&quotOh, well my my. This is very intriguing information indeed. I do believe that I’ll need to look into these matters further if we’re ever to get to the bottom of this treachery. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’ll be certain to send something along for this delightful little morsel of information.&quot

N.C. 2
&quotMs. Auclair, your passion does you credit, and conversing with you is positively delightful. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and thank you for a lovely evening spent in most charming company. I’m afraid I simply cannot tell you that our political opinions fall in line with each other but I would like to extend an open invitation to have another coffee anytime. Yours in fond admiration, [Name].&quot

Seeker 1
&quotDearest Anne. I have little time to socialize due to unexpected circumstances. Familial ties draw me back to the surface for extended periods of time. My visits to FL are infrequent and brief. What time I have is spent pursuing The Name. The task consumes me. Literally. I still have far to go on this journey, but I expect I shall be heading NORTH come winter. So, do not wonder should you not hear from me again.&quot

N.S. 3
&quotAlas your messages lose their weight when read through the haze of honey and wine&quot

N.S. 4
&quotI must admit my friend that as a hunter of monsters and duelist of note, I find these games of politics rather dull. I back Fuduchi as he has been no enemy of mine, but perhaps a kind gift from one such as you could persuade me another way. Nothing big, I just want to see how much this means to you. I have the honor to be your obedient servant, [Name] &quot

N.A. 5
&quotWhat a lovely message. I’m afraid I don’t listen to cries supplied by those who don’t know how to use the election process to further themselves. Maybe some other time. After the election, perhaps.&quot

N.A. 6
&quot(The woman looks at you with anger in her eyes. Gives you your propaganda back, says “You’re EVERYWHERE, I have ENOUGH of you and the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner. It seems like ALL of her “supporters” have forgotten what means TEMPERANCE. Don’t come back here anymore” and closes the door in front of your face)&quot

N.A. 7
&quotI thank you for your most beautifully worded correspondence, and for the additional details that I have been unable to uncover. Alas your speeches fall not where they are needed most as my current alignment with Feducci is currently of convenience to acquire from him a particular hat. I am currently investigating the other campaigns to determine which one I wish to align myself with. Thank you again for your time. Your Sincerely, [Name]&quot

&quotThe Dauntless Temperence Campaigner’s Campaign does interest me but I feel that they are severely mismanaging honey with these method of disposal. I fear it may only make things worse. However at the moment I am bustling through London hoping to encounter the other campaigns to hear more about there platform form the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Thank you for the coffee, if only it was tea. Your Sincerely, [Name]&quot

Seeker 2
&quotYou do understand that this whole election is just a show, don’t you? The Mayor desides nothing, the Masters control everything. Do you really want for your pitiful politics to matter? Then defy the Masters. Seek the Name. Know the Name. Bring the knowledge here. The process will be completed, and nothing shall be well. Until then, nothing matters but the Name.[Name].&quot

Seeker 3
&quotI admit, her goodwill towards the Clay Men goes a long way to securing my regard; it would be good to see more influence in London that has their difficulties in mind. And yet I find Feducci so dreadfully compelling - and I have always believed in fairness. An eye for an eye, a life for a candle.&quot

NA. 8
&quotDelicious Friend! I cannot guess how you must have known - or if perhaps luck throws you into my path at this auspicious moment - but such matters have been much on my mind! At the outset, it seemed clear my efforts should support the Implacable Detective, a colleague of long-standing and whose stereoscopist allies share certain, shall we say &quotreflective&quot, interests of mine. I confess, as a hedonist and connoisseur of Neathy delights, I barely considered the Temperance Campaigner. As the campaigns have unfolded, though, I do find myself conflicted; more often than overindulgence in honey or wine, I have attracted scandal with my affection for the Rubbery Men. My Boneless Spouse and her people assure me that the Campaigner’s support of their briny concerns has indeed been dauntless. Perhaps a cup of tea while I mull over next steps?&quot

N.A. 9
Them I’m guessin’ -some- of those Rubberies ended up back in the ole Flophouse I used t’ live in. And I might’ve killed a few, come think of it. But tha’s a different matter. You mentioned Feducci has a bonna fide Devil among his men? See, It ain’t the infernal ‘presence’, nor their ‘influence’ what buggers me. Devils bend the knee to no one, not even their own kind. And when the day comes, they’ll rise to the opportunity to stab anyone in the back, -includin’- good ole Feducci. You’ll hafta forgive me if I don’t believe, for one second, that your Lady Temperance will be able to fight back when that day comes. &quot

N.A. 10
&quotMy good friend, I can only be grateful for your care for the welfare of our city. Indeed, your high opinion of the Dauntless Temperance Crusader persuades me that perhaps I was too hasty in dismissing her as a tiresome martinet, disposed to make a great fuss at small sins while ignoring great injustices. And truly, I understand the concerns about Feducci; there is such a thing as too much disruption for the public good. I can promise nothing, save to take what you say under advisement. But be assured that I am doing that much, and remain grateful for your friendship and the public spirit that guides you. &quot

N.A. 11
&quotIndeed, many a true word you speak, but still the black cup stirs my soul. Care to join me?&quot

N.A. 12
&quotI consider myself someone who has gone far with little. I believe that anyone, at any point, can play the cards to their favor and change the game. I do not like to speak much of it, but there was a time not long ago when I lived in poverty. Fresh from the surface, my clothes were ragged and I had not a single echo to my name. I only found shelter when I could sleep my way into the hearts and houses of lonely individuals of one gender or another. I have struggled in life, but I have come so far with only willpower and a sharp mind. The world is usually full of open doors, and when it isn’t you must find a window. I consider myself a defendant of clay men. How could I not, being somewhat clay myself? My arm, kaolin and stuff at my side, reminds me of this every day. Not to say I don’t benefit from their labor, being mostly flesh myself. Two clay men carry me in my cart to my daily activities, though only because they were out of a job and I offered them a safer living. I believe that London will never be equal until clay men are emancipated. I also consider myself a friend of rubbery men. I stand with them against the brutality they face in day-to-day life. I will also say that I plan for my arm to not be the only other-bodily limb I possess soon, if you know what I’m saying. It is for these (unsolely, but major) reasons I will need to do some thinking. I’ll get back to you.&quot

N.A. 13
&quotTemperance is a useful metaphor, don’t you think? You must temper steel, heating it and beating it, profusely until it glows like a smile. Or like a sun, if such a thing were - well, I cannot pass judgment. …I fear your audacity towards our more devilish companions. I can only recommend not to bare your fangs unless you think yours are larger.&quot

[Anne responded that her fangs were indeed as large and sharp as theirs]

N.A. 14
&quotHello, Your work in campaigning for the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner is admirable. You are one of the firsts to reach out to me and fortunately, I have not made my decision to vote yet. I am torn between Feducci and our Tea Lady, favoring the Campaigner herself. I am against her policy in banning alcohol and honey, however. Besides that, I really support her. I wish you a good day and a good career during the election.&quot

N.A. 15
&quotI have listened to your arguments, but now I am concerned that your preferred candidate, the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner, would attempt to remove everything that makes Fallen London the colourful city that it is now. Cleaner streets for whom? It may not be an environment that the upper sections of society deem pleasant and favourable, but the assumption that it is a cesspool of unsavoury people doing unsavoury things is classist and elitism at its worst. You are asking for support to displace people, to remove the choices of those who prefer that lifestyle, to reduce the employment opportunities for those who want to work in these fields (and yes, some people do choose to work with the poor, the wretched, and the lonely without wanting recognition for the work they do). And once these streets are cleansed of all things deemed unsuitable, where are these people to go? Broken families are not restricted to the poor. Future prisoners are not always thieves. Addicts are not only found in the streets. &quot

N.A. 16
&quot&quotOh, darling. I confess my attention to the affairs of the 'Neath has remained a bit provincial. How little I know of this Presbyterate! You are now the second citizen who has approached me, speaking of Feducci’s supposed ties to this place. How ignorant I must be, to have not heard of such a thing myself! It is a worrisome rumour.&quot She purses her lips briefly. &quotBut your assertion that it is excess that destroyed the first four cities…darling, whatever gave you that idea? I’m genuinely curious. You see, in the few missives I once received from the Surface, I was drawn a picture of a society choking itself to death on its own respectability. Not that there is any flaw in respectability, per se! Goodness knows my Society comrades understand that implicitly. But in the face of poverty, wretchedness, and hauteur - how could a drop of wine or a spoonful of honey do such harm to us? I am puzzled by the attention your Dauntless candidate puts on these substances - perhaps she intends them as symbols of greater ills, but personally I experience some difficulty connecting the dots. And just what solution does she intend, anyway? It’s not as if she can just…gather up all of our honey and pour it down a massive well, can she?&quot&quot

Seeker 4
&quotTo put it simply, she is too soft and too inflexible, which means that either she’ll be easy to manipulate - or strike out our city with force comparable to our city’s drop on 4th. Which would be marvelous, if it weren’t for the fact that we have to deal with aftermath. And I don’t think that any human can come out on top against Bazaar. It was for same reason that I choose Jenny over Bishop last year, even though I choose to free him-his future- from fingerkings instead of me. Bazaar is too strong to fight directly, at least with our current abilities. Remember that even Jenny’s shady and sleek methods did not completely free from opposition from Masters and establishment. How would they react against people like Bishop or Campaigner? With power to destroy them? But don’t lose your hope. There will be time for direct confrontation - but it’s not now. Wait. And don’t worry too much. That moment will not be postponed indefinitely. One day, all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.&quot

N.A. 17
&quotI appreciate your honest discussion. To return the same, it is not your arguments, but the loyalties of our good Clay Men–and some recent private investigations-- that have me seriously considering a change of candidate. But two things yet make me delay. For one, I have been entrusted by others in the campaign with funds to use for a specific purpose. I might try to persuade them to change their allegiance as well, but until and unless they do, I cannot in good conscience transfer those funds to another, nor yet can I properly return them. A change of opinion is one thing, a stolen campaign purse another. It may seem a ridiculous dilemma given the larger scale–but should I change my own allegiance, I would not want to bring the look of dishonesty to your Campaigner (And she is the only real other candidate to consider; to side with the Detective is not to be thought of.) The other issue is in regard to the issue of revolution. I do not ask you to settle those matters; but I do have other, longer and truer, loyalties than ones to a mayor who after all will be granted only a year,and only what power the Masters allow her (which I do not doubt she will serve as well as she sees clear to do-- but they stand on us all) . This is… a matter of some discussion. Believe I wish you well, however my own dilemma may resolve. Thank you for your company and conversation. &quot[/spoiler]
edited by Anne Auclair on 7/2/2018

I know it’s a typo, but I’m having a lot of fun imagining Fallen London in 1985! Why, a five-year-old GregM was in England then! Newfangled Macintosh computers terrified the nation. FL Mayor Margaret Thatcher put a smiley face on fascism, but she did take a stern hand with the Brass Embassy 2.0! Mushroom miners went on strike! Fallen London, fresh off a new alliance with the Court of the Wakeful Eye, plotted to invade Surface Paris with Tigers!

What else does 1985 hold?


Can someone change that?!


Thanks! ^_^