Visiting Acquaintances?

Hello everyone!

Since a day or two all the storylets for visiting my acquaintances have disappeared. I can’t visit the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, the Wry Functionary or the Regretful Soldier anymore. Is this because my stats are too high? All are 160-ish. This sucks because I now almost always fail the &quotask the sardonic music hall singer to help you&quot card and can’t increase her level.
Also I’ve completed the Fate Locked &quotCaught up in a soldier’s heartbreaking tale&quot. Does that factor into it too?

Those storylets have been turned into a card called “A Visit” with fog as its icon.

Are they available anywhere or only in the designated areas where the acquaintances used to be?

I have found the card in the flit and at my lodgings, it is likely available anywhere.

So I’ve started getting this card all the time now, but have no acquaintances available to visit. Is it a stats thing? I’ve noticed I’m getting more and more cards that don’t have any option available to me – am slightly stymied at how to ‘develop’ my in game character.

I don’t think the card has any requirements, so it’ll just show up sometimes.
Most of the Acquaintances can be gotten at a fairly low level, but they’re a mite obscure; One’s available from a rare success in Veilgarden, one from a Persuasive option on a location-specific Dangerous card, one in New Newgate and one that can be gotten through an Ambition early on or a card much, much later.

Thanks – will nose around the wiki to see if I can trip upon these acquaintances. Am not v strategic player, I think – much more a clicking kind of girl – but am finally seeing the wall as a result!