Anyone managed to get to a conclusion? I have translated the carvings and tried to get into the Ear without luck; I had hoped to be able to repeat the ritual but that does not appear possible as it locks, so I will never be able to take a flare . Feels as though I must be missing something but none of the masks now permit any action - and the Bat just gets me evicted regardless of any choice. Help would be welcome if available!

Hark! Visage, you say? Is this an unannounced update I see before me? Ready the Laptop once more! We sail for Visage![li]
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I have gotten to a successful conclusion to Visage. I cannot remember the details of my choices but to say that they didn’t involve the last word of your spoiler.

Huh. Well, thanks; there must be something that I am missing :(.

Right now I am stuck in an endless cycle: take either frog or locust, act once, swap with Moon-Moth, take 3 more actions and get forced off the island. I think I have tried all possible actions, including those available only as a final action, but nothing seems to lead forward. Any PM help would be welcome!

That’s how it is for me now too. It’s possible that you only get one shot at the ritual.

OK, looks that way. I was expecting there to be something developing after trying to explore the Ear, but if that’s the case then it’s too obscure for me.

Are people still stuck on this, and is the festival still nonrepeatable? I got what I would consider a fairly successful outcome from my stay there.

Been a few times, there’s no fixed way to do the first parts of the ritual, but one way that works for me every time is

Frog Mask, go the pool and show Oafish Enthusiasm a few times before the option locks out
Switch masks with Moth
Visit the Chief Geomancer, give them a comb of bone
Visit the temple, collect some of the blood
Visit the temple, tend the wounds
When the option for the temple opens up, (Expert in visage 7), explore the ear, but follow without question and receive the confidence as holy, the ritual will finish and you’ll have a captivating treasure, but you can never repeat the ritual to it’s full extent after you’ve got to this stage, if you get as far as the ear, whatever result you manage will be the result you have


But you can always return and do the minor parts of the ritual for more fragments
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Hm, in the third stage, the only place I visited was the titular one – doing several different things there – and at the close, I only listened passively, but I still got the same as you. Actually, one thing more (though perhaps you simply deemed it unimportant in comparison!) – n frperg nyfb.

What else did you get?

Ah, sorry, I tried to ROT13, but I should have just quoted and properly figured out spoilertags :'D

[spoiler]I also got a secret, but I figured that is pretty easily eclipsed by a Captivating Treasure, rather than you not actually having got it.

Also, now that I have spoilertags to play with, did you never go up to the Face yourself? Was that a newly added option, or perhaps you ran into negative experiences there?[/spoiler]

I have no idea what ROT13 is :)

This could become convoluted with the spoilers :)

I also got the secret, but as they tend to be easily found these days, I forgot to include it, only the main reward. As for approaching the side of the face, yes, that’s the best option when you switch to moth mask, you can collect blood a number of times but always finish up tending wounds or you don’t progress any further.

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