Is it the farthest east? Can you get there on a boat? Is it something to eat?

Sounds like it would be like Naples on the Surface (accessible via the Cumaean Canal)

Yeah, go there. You can also bring them coffee; they’d like that. (Not too good of a trade route, though - 200 in transport costs and 30 /40 return per unit could work with the merchant vessel.[li]

You really need to bring recent news and roll the die with the trading there. The news will pad the fuel/supplies costs, and if you have a mirror catch box you will break even. Two or more will be pure profit, although you have to weigh the storage cost of mirror catch boxes with that of the fuel/supplies needed to get home.
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Goodness! The contact in Vienna purchases Darkdrop Coffee for 80 echoes each. The not-so-distant Port Carnelian sells them for 38 echoes each (so the profit is 42 echoes / unit)

Since it takes 22 fuel, 2 supplies, and 10 echoes to make the trip from the Cumaean Canal to Vienna and back, the cost of the surface trip is 220 + 40 + 10 = 270 echoes (less if you’re clever and stock up at Port Carnelian and the Iron Republic). This cost is made up with a mere 7 units of coffee. A few crew need replaced due to my time on the surface, but that’s not a big deal. ;)
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[quote=Zee! ]Goodness! The contact in Vienna purchases Darkdrop Coffee for 80 echoes each.

The price must be a bit randomized then as I sold 4 units and got 400 echos.

I definitely sold 90 units for 7200 echoes … maybe it they wrote in a “bulk discount” to avoid handing out too much money to zailors like me.

anyone found out what the “dooming London” business is all about?

Not yet, but I’m looking forward to starting a rogue captain and finding out :)

IHNIWTR - I did. It involved multiple trips to and from Vienna. My current captain now has the Boke of Sharpes.

mind sharing the details? I’m away from my game-playing comp and I’m dying to know

Pretty major spoilers here:

Vienna is home to an anarchist branch that supports the Calendar Council. They ask you to ferry supplies down to their cohorts in London for part of &quotthe plan&quot. There is an option to report the agent in Vienna which I never took, so I don’t know what effect that has.

Immediately upon delivering the last load of supplies, the administration of London collapses at the hands of February and the Calendar Council. You are awarded the Boke of Sharpes legacy item, but your career does not end as with other Legacy Item paths. London is forever altered however - you must live with that blood on your hands.

EDIT: You also accumulate favor with the Calendar Council, but I did not find any place to redeem them. Unknown if it’s a &quothelper&quot quality to distinguish this path from the Empire of Hands one, or if they will function like Admirality’s Favor at some point.

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The other option gives a strategic information and then becomes a repeatable source of 1 supply, great game move, and intriguing snippet.